People giving birth in public

Wouldn’t it be funny if that’s what people did, while strangers on the street gathered around to watch and applaud? I told some woman that that’s how they do it in Italy and she believed me.

Thanks for the laugh. I needed that. :slight_smile:

That would be pretty swell, although the way that things are going in this country they would probably be arrested for child pornography.

They should put out a cup with change, just in case anyone wants to contribute for college.

Didn’t they used to drag some public folk in to the palace to witness royal heirs being born? So there would be “proof” that the baby was indeed the child of the queen?

I tell ya, if you have any birth complications it can feel like you’re giving birth in public. By the time you wedge in the nurses, pediatric team, obstetricians, medical students, and anesthesiologist, you’ve got enough folks to have a baseball game.

I hear ya, Cranky. Around about the 10th hour of labor (with lots of complications) with my son I was seriously considering charging admission to my hospital room. It was like a 3-Ring Circus in there and your modesty pretty much disappears completely after being poked and prodded 35 times an hour by 15 different people.

Oddly, an Italian woman recently completed the oral part of her job interview in the maternity ward of her local hospital while in labour.

Personally, I’d find conception a lot more stimulating.

Soooo…yer saying that’s not how they do it in Italy??

My son was born at a teaching hospital (Loyola University Hospital near Chicago). It was like being a big balloon at a Macy’s Parade. Everyone Oooooh-ing and aaaah-ing and staring at me like they never saw it before…which they probably didn’t, since they were students. I was gonna charge a buck a peek! Comes time to actually give birth – the doctor had to leave and I had some stranger do the whole thing. Feh.

I think I had everyone on the floor of the hospital in my room before they sent them all away and dragged me into surgery. After a while I began to survey everyone as they walked in as to what hand/finger size they had. :slight_smile: