People in the Obama "Yes We Can" video

Here is what I’m asking about.
I recognize John Legend. Scarlett Johanssen. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Kate Walsh, and Harold Perrinneau. And the guy that was the actor that played the evil b/f of Claire (Lauren Ambrose) on Six Feet Under.
I’m curious about the other musicians/actors or whatever in it.

Thanks for any help

There’s a list in this link.

Thank you very much!

Hadn’t seen that before - thanks, it’s wonderful!

When did he give the speech that’s the basis for it?

Here’s the anti-YWC video (already nicknamed “Pearl Jam Will Not Rest Until John McCain Is Elected President”)

At the New Hampshire primary. (The crunch of the speech starts at around 10:00 of the video.)

While watching that video it is nice to remember that that was a speech after he lost the primaries that day.

Usually the loser doesn’t pull of something like that. I tusually sound sliek they are trying to convince themselves.