People of Wal Mart web site

Pictures of Wal Mart patrons. Sometimes amusing, some times tacky. Once and a while just ugly.

I check this website daily, so very entertaining.

I can’t say most of the pictures are funny or about really horrendous people. It’s more about the person is not one of the beautiful people that look like the person posting the picture.

Don’t take it so darn serious. Some of the captions on there are damn funny!

What I wonder is how the people taking the pictures always seem to be able to do it discretely.

Some of them are low enough to be shoe cams.

My comments are about the fact that most of these pictures look like normal people you see every day. It makes me think it’s the Ashley crowd posting most of the pictures. They don’t look weird, just the rest of the world. I find the the pictures to be mostly unremarkable.

The friend of mine that sent it to me is most definitely not part of the Ashley crowd and she finds it hilarious. The contempt she seems to have for those people in the photos is strange though. It comes across as very mean spirited. Some of them, - I’m thinking of the pic of grandma letting the kid play with the produce bag on his head - are entertaining in that “you fucking goofball” sort of way. Some of them are just kind of - well, they don’t really have very good taste but they’re just out shopping and then BOOM the internet is there to make fun of them. I don’t know, I just couldn’t get it up for this site.

Really? Do you have a full length mirror at home, and do you check it often as you leave the house with your mullet, your shorts I can see your butt cheeks hanging out of, and your American flag-colored camoflage bra? Because otherwise, I don’t think they generally look like normal people.

With how many people are walking around texting and receiving/reading messages, creating lots of clicking and beeping sounds, I suspect a camera being used as a phone would be hard to distinguish from among the crowd of texters.

Smells like classism to me, and it is fortunate for the site owners that at least the majority of people they’re pointing out are white.

They don’t even generally look like normal people who shop at Wal-Mart, IMO.

Yes, I go to Wal-Mart every 2 weeks or so, and I’ve never seen anyone who looks remotely like most of the people on this site. I don’t doubt the pics were taken at Wal-Mart, but they’re hardly typical.

And what’s the “Ashley crowd”?

Maybe if I have to ask, my picture should be on that site :smiley:

I am entertained by the outlandishly tacky outfits. We really don’t have enough of that here in dreary federal government drone metroland.

I like the decorated cars, too. If you have an ugly old car, why not glue 10,000 plastic animals to it?

I like the cars too! If you’re driving an ugly beater around, might as well make it entertaining!

Big fucking deal; I see people like these on a daily basis. I’m just not so insecure that I feel the need to ridicule them.

Obviously we live in different areas and you don’t shop in malls either as these people are common in any non-exclusive shopping area. Please note I didn’t say all the people there were normal people, just a lot of them.

Last Saturday there was a guy at Culvers with a 2.5 foot high rainbow spiked mohawk, which is not normal for here. There was a man covered in dirt and tar a month ago buying chew. I see dirty tar people from road crews half the year. I see super fat people 400 pounds plus that sit in the isle by the table to eat. I see what I would call badly dressed people regularly. One day I saw multiple tourists shopping with black hair and white strips running through their hair. None of it was shocking though as I do see it every month. This is normal in a mix of people in public non-exclusive areas that don’t only let in the pretty people. Were the pictures from some restaurant serving $200 meals these people would be abnormal for that place.

Ashleys are the young adults and children that are perfect in everything they wear. They are goddesses in their minds. They mock everyone that is not a current Ashley.

edit: nm.

Where’d the term “Ashley” come from? Heather, I could grok, but Ashley?

Anyway, I don’t think you have to be perfect looking to think that a mullet is always, and shall always, be a blight on nature. (Even Uncle Jesse looked hideous in a mullet! And he regularly gives me girl-hard ons.) Or that people who forgot to put on pants and are wearing a top that barely covers their rump are the epitome of tacky. Or muffin top anyone?

I love those photos. I love America. Definitely some classism going on, but also just a lot of plain fascination and awe over fashion choices most hipsters could only dream of pulling off. I guarantee that if you sent every photo to Vice (or sent them five years ago) half would be Dos and half would be Don’ts.

Of course you don’t usually see those people at Wal-Mart - you see them, like, once a year at 3AM. But there are a hell of a lot of Wal-Marts in this fair country of ours, and everybody sends their annual WTF thong + skirt + mullet on elderly white man sighting into the same website. I mean, they obviously aren’t staged. It isn’t even classism, really - being poor doesn’t make you barely cover your hairy nutsack with a pair of granny panties, although I’ll grant you the more “standard redneck” looks for classism. I think they just fill in on “slow crazy-people-at-Wal-Mart” days.

I don’t think it’s classism, necessarily. You can be poor & low-class and not look ridonkulous. Hell, I’m as white trash as they come (live in a trailer, married to a redneck girl), but I dress modestly and conservatively and no one snaps pics of me at Wal-Mart – there’s no need.

For example, scope out this dude or thiswoman, just to grab two people off the front page. They are both obviously indeed at Wal-Mart (see the irritating boxes in the middle of the aisle in the second one? No doubt.), and they did in fact go out dressed like that. The website isn’t making any of this up by, like, photoshopping some woman’s shoes off, teeth out, and pregnancy on - that would be classist. This is gawking at weirdos, which I believe is a great American pasttime.