People of Your Ideological Orientation That You Dislike

I agree with all of this, for all the same reasons.

I’ve also railed against Michael Moore on various occasions, based on his ability to take a valid position and attempt to bolster it using cheap shots, selective editing and occasionally completely manufactured evidence. If he took the time to do the work and present it properly he could have been a capable documentary maker but he’s intellectually lazy and cuts corners to make his points, weakening them heavily in the process. He can fuck right off IMO.

Limbaugh, Coulter, Savage, Cal Thomas. Just terrible, all of them. Most conservative pundits and writers aren’t very good, but those four are the worst of the worst.

It’d be a shorter list to name the good ones: George Will, PJ O’Rourke, Bill Maher(when he’s arguing our side, fewer cut through the BS faster than Maher), Dennis Miller, Jonah Goldberg, Veronique Rugy, Avik Roy, Rannesh Ponnuru, Andrew Sullivan, Glenn Reynolds, Ross Douthat.

It pisses me off too, because there are at least three times as many good liberal writers and pundits. There are whole sites dedicated to the large stable of quality liberal writers: TNR, Vox, The Prospect… The closest thing we conservatives have is National Review, and only about a quarter of the writers there are of any use.

A curious assonance of names and hairdos (though AFAIK not of personal financial ethics):

Well said. Thank you!

My own example: I am a lifelong Democrat, however I worked in the DC office of one of the senators from my state for two years between college and grad school and, among other things, left with a great deal of personal admiration for Bob Dole, whereas I cannot hear the name “John Kerry” without rolling my eyes in contempt.

Chris Mathews is hard for me to take, although I assume we’re usually on the same page politically.

Bill Maher, who is a smug jackass. James Carville, who is just annoying and who looks like something out of Alien.

Al Sharpton can get right the fuck off my side.

There’s something decidedly iffy about the guy in the mirror. :slight_smile:

Funny you should say that. Were I Danish, I’d probably support the Social Democrats but I do find it regrettable that the Radical left Party is part of the Danish left bloc. I would much rather favour a majoritiarian, working-class popular front with the DPP that focuses on the preservation of the Danish welfare state and kick the austerian elitists out.

They don’t subscribe to your brand of “conservatism” but since you do seem to like Ross Douthat, why not the American Conservative?

Jonah Goldberg is great though.

And I’m rather far from an american conservative. So I guess I sort of answered the opposite question of the OP.

I’ve met some people who work for the Bernie Sanders campaign. Some of the people there have a very naive assumption about what Sanders can actually do, and/or they hate Hillary so much that they don’t seem to think there is a difference between the two parties. I think some of them are so young that they were not politically awake when Gore v Bush happened in 2000* (a college student today was about 5 when that happened), and now there are a bunch of young people running around who think there is no difference between the 2 parties (unless Sanders wins the nomination). I admire their enthusiasm, but their level of naiveness about how the political system works, what the president can accomplish, and what separates the major parties is annoying.

*Had Gore won then there wouldn’t have been an Iraq war. Plus I’ve heard the Clinton administration took terrorism more seriously than the Bush admin did in the first 9 months, so maybe 9/11 could’ve been stopped. But that is pure speculation. Even with 9/11, with Gore we would’ve invaded the right country at least. Lots of young people weren’t politically conscious back then so they can revert to the old ‘the 2 parties are exactly the same’ tripe now.

Wait a second!
He’s wearing a denim suit jacket, with a denim shirt (& tie). I’ve never seen such a formal Puerto Rican tuxedo (No, I didn’t make up the term) before & you’re complaining about some hardly unique road-kill sitting on his head? :confused:

Well yeah, I hate that guy too. Always eyeballing me.

I’ll +5 (or how many ever it is) this. It’s just sometimes so apparent… and utterly disgusting. I wonder when they are calling someone a white trash redneck and then wondering why they won’t vote for our candidate if they simply can’t put 2 and 2 together. Also people who view compromise as some sort of dirty word (I thought this was only on the other side, but it’s infected my side as well).

As a Christian, I get really disgusted with the exclusivist and culture-war portions of our faith. At the same time, I also shake my head at those Christians who are so accommodating and everyone is really believing in the same thing mindset you have to wonder why they consider themselves “Christian” at all.

He’s my party but I hate Donald Trump.

Seconded, big time. Not a fan of Ted cruz, even though I agree with him on most issues. There’s a way to go about doing things and his way is not the right way.

I’m a liberal who hates peddlers of woo. I hate many many people of my ideological orientation.

Bill Maher, as others in this thread have also noted.

Alan Grayson, who seems like kind of an asshole.

Beloved lefty blogger Digby. I was a devoted fan of her blog until the 2008 elections and her relentlessly negative “Obama is blowing it” posts. Along the same lines, I detest Glenn Greenwald and his humorless, aloof disapproval of everything and everybody.

Ted Rall, who called for Obama’s resignation within weeks of his inauguration. He lost me for good with his tweet demanding that Black Lives Matter get off their lazy asses and help him get his job back.

James Howard Kunstler, who has made an entire career of predicting imminent social collapse (first from Y2K, then from peak oil). He believes that the entire United States will descend into Mad-Max-style anarchy any second now — except for white people living in the Northeast, because they’re awesome.