People of Your Ideological Orientation That You Dislike

Who are some politicians, pundits, writers, bloggers, and the like of your own ideological orientation that you dislike?

A big example for me would be former Jeopardy-player turned “geek culture” columnist Arthur Chu who not only I share common political tendencies with (we are both Bernie supporters among other things) but even many details of biography as we are both ethnic Asians who ended up going to liberal arts oriented colleges and majored in history (additionally he apparently also lived briefly in Cerritos, close to my residence in Orange County). However, his generic SJW politics and especially his rejection of a populist, working-class orientation to the left has made me antagonized to him. For an excellent example of his awful thinking, consider his historically illiterate piece on Hiroshima.

Another example of this type would be Shakesville which at this point couldn’t be bested by someone trying to parody the worst tendencies of modern feminism (and I say this as someone who considers himself a feminist). Absolute intolerance of any sort of dissenting opinion in the comments, attacking Bernie on the most trivial comments and actions etc.

Give me Ross Douthat or Bill Kauffman over these people any day of the week.

Given the fact that you seem to disagree with the ideologies of both your examples, I’m uncertain what this thread is all about. I was expecting something along the lines of, “I agree with the ideologies of (for example) Qin Shi Huangdi, but I just don’t like him.”

That’s why I used the broader term of “ideological orientation”-obviously the chances are if you exactly agree with someone on every issue, you generally are going to get along well with them. But, otoh, it’s quite possible for two people who would be classified as “conservative” as hating each other-think TRUMP and Lindsey Graham for example.

My sister is a kind, compassionate, warm and quite funny person, and I love her dearly, but we haven’t agreed on anything politically for more than 40 years.

Maybe some qualities in a person are more important than others.

I’m a libertarian leaning Republican. I’ve never met a Ron or Rand Paul supporter I like.

I agree with a lot of what Richard Dawkins writes, but he seems to be a bit of a dick. I saw a clip of some panel discussion that included Dawkins and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Tyson very gently and politely took Dawkins to task for being arrogant and dismissive of those that Tyson felt could be persuaded to Dawkins viewpoint if he took a softer approach. Dawkins basically said, “fuck 'em.” Maybe it was just a bad day for him. Or maybe he’s just generally a prick.

It’s an old joke in British politics about a new MP being shown round the House of Commons by an old hand. The new MP points excitedly to the other side of the House - “Can’t wait to get a crack at the enemy”.

“Oh no,” says the old hand, “those are your opponents. Your enemies are on this side”.

Well he’s no longer with us, but I think Exhibit A in this regard is the late Jim Traficant. You would have a harder time finding a more crooked politician, but he understood the struggles of the working class as well or better than anyone in DC. Imagine Saul Goodman in Congress, but more flamboyant and more corrupt.

I am a long-time gun rights activist. Lots of gun people make my ass itch for the same reason lots of Antis do: they assume believing in gun rights automatically indicates my politics are right wing. As it happens, I am a liberal Democrat.
On the other hand, my fellow liberal Democrats irritate the living bejeezus out of me with the condescension, if not outright contempt, with which they regard the rural, white poor.

i’ve always had my heroes, whom I admired, but I felt that I would never want to actually meet any of them in person, because it would be too deflating to find out that they are assholes. Which most of them very likely are, although I have also met “famous” people who were very, very nice, likeable people.


Not an American example, but I personally identify with the local Danish “Radical Left” party (radical solely in name), which is essentially a centre-left party of academics and other intellectuals. It’s the only party on the left that’s interested in somewhat fiscally responsible and fair welfare politics (read: not effectively communism in all but name) whilst not simultaneously being willing to cut deals with the unfortunately rather large right-wing populist and unapologetically xenophobic “Danish People’s Party”.

Unfortunately, the party attracts at least as many Sea Shepherd-type climate nutters and other such ideological extremists as it does anyone else, and it has deep-seated issues with arrogance among its constituency. So, while I may vote for it because it’s the only party committed to remotely sane politics, the party itself revolts me at least as much as any other Danish political party - in fact more, to some extent, because it’s supposed to be a party comprised of intellectuals and yet the constituency is every bit as dumb and boorish as every other party’s, it seems.

I’m a liberal Democrat and I can’t stand Bill Maher. He’s so smug and often I feel like he’s mean. I’m a Christian so I guess he and I aren’t exactly on the same ideological orientation plane. But I have no problem with people being atheists and/or poking fun at Christianity…but Maher is such an Incredible douche about it.

I agree with Bill O’Riley about 80% of the time, but I still think he is an insufferable blowhard.

Libertarian/liberal Democrat and I’ve never seen a Clinton of Kennedy I can stand. Not so much for any issue as a strong feeling that politics should not be a family business or something you are raised to do.

I’ll let you know, if I ever meet anyone of my “ideological Orientation.”

I agree with this (except I’m not a Christian). I would probably find myself on the same side of a lot of debates as Maher, and he can sometimes be funny. But he’s a jackoff.

Keith Olbermann is also a pompous blowhard I happen to agree with sometimes. He has the amazing ability to turn a simple point into 10 minutes of bombast. His old “Worst Person in the World” bit could be amusing and/or informative at times. Other than that, I could only ever tolerate a few minutes of his shtick.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Yaasss! This. I recently got into target shooting with a couple friends and we’re liberal Democrats. Two gun-owning liberal friends got their CCW in the last few months, too, and man did they have a time with the classes and the super-righty Obama bashing from the instructors. We have to just keep our ears to ourselves and our mouths shut when we go to the range. The Liberal Gun Club is very small.

I think the disdain for rural white poor is the assumption they’re super-rightys, too. Here in Chicago, it’s not the worst assumption, the only blue part of the state is Cook County. Because Cook County is so densely populated and we tend to not go outside it since everything is here, many forget how deeply red and rural the rest of Illinois can be. My last trip to Springfield reminded me, sorely, of this. Chicago really does not reflect the rest of the Midwest.

Jeez, until you mentioned him, I had mercifully forgotten about Traficant . . . and his infamous hair. :eek: