People on commercials who just seem to reek of the product they are selling

3 come to my mind immediately.

  • The heavy set black woman in the Pine sol commercial. She has a pleasantness about her and says “sol” with a slight lisp which gives her such a Pine Sol-like quality.

  • The guy from the “Men’s Wharehouse” who says “You’re gonna like the way you look; I garauntee it”. I could just listen to him talk about suits all day.

And the most recent:

  • The woman who narrates a commercial for “Gevalia Coffee”. She puts so much romance and passion in her voice with a slight accent from I don’t where when she says “If coffee is your passion, Gevalia will be your pleasure”. Oh it’s just sooooooo coffee.

There’s a commercial for Phillip’s Milk of Magnesia where some matronly old black lady extols the virtues of her product to anyone in the grocery store who will listen to her. By golly, that lady just looks like she has some big turd a-brewin’ inside her, just waiting for that extra coaxing from Phillip’s.

And no one says dry, itchy eyes like Ben Stein.