People on TV and the whites of their eyes

Do people on TV do something to increase the whiteness of their eyes? I was watching Brian Williams do the news the other night and his eyes were crazy. This was on a big HDTV, and there was not any slight redness at all. I have never seen a person in real life with eyes so clear. It did not look like something that could be done with Visine. Since then I have been checking out different people’s eyes. Most of them look pretty normal, but then there will be some person with impossibly clear eyes. Do people on TV use steroid eye drops to achieve a superhuman whiteness to their eyes?

There’s another thread somewhere about this, with some interesting info.
I’ll try to find it.

Here it is.
But I think bleached white teeth look kinda eerie.

It’s the same process as anal bleaching, just higher up.

Sometimes, I feel the temptation to give up on humanity.
I want to cry. Really.

“Crappers Quarterly”? Now I’m no internist, but if you’re only crapping quarterly there’s something seriously wrong with you.

Heh. I read years ago some writer’s snarky description of Brian Williams as “Brian Williams, who has a wooden head…”. The unnaturally white eyes you report is just another data point on our conspiracy-theory graph.

I’m thinking early-‘80’s-era Disney animatronics, periodically updated with newer wardrobes and OS software, and graphics and audio cards, of course. Has anyone seen one of Williams’ school yearbook photos? Exactly. I bet if he were to eat anything, his face would melt.