The whites of model's eyes.

Do models do something to make the whites of their eyes look so white? I’ve noticed that they always look pure white, even when their eyes are turned, so I (discreetly) looked at the whites of people I’m normally around, and none had that level of whiteness. Everyone, even youngsters, had at least some redness and/or and off-white coloration.
Maurine won’t do it. I guess it could be done by photo editing?

Photoshop. Their teeth aren’t so white, either.

There’s a website I’m looking for now, but I probably won’t make the edit window. Gimmie a few minutes.

Found it!

Not Murine or Visine, but French eyedrops.

Dayummm. It’s like black magic.

I thought so.
The business(s) is very phony, isn’t it?
I don’t mean that as an extreme criticism, but more a “shakehead” observation. They provide what we want. Who can blame them.
I’ve lately heard criticism of people who don’t bleach their teeth! Even though their teeth are healthy, straight, and naturally white.
Glad to be homely. :cool:


Double yeesh!!

I think this should win the yeeesh battle. eyeball tattoo’s anyone?


Yeeesh. I need some eye bleach.

Eye bleach, get it? I can’t believe I’m the first one to mention eye bleach in this thread…

I dunno…Double yeesh was a surprise, but the first yeesh…since it was a close up…GOOD GOOGLEY GOO! It was like one of those “Turn someone into a zombie” pics at Worth 1000.

It’s quite enlightening looking at that re-touching site. You know in the back of your mind that all magazine style photos of models have this sameness, and air of unreality to them. But until I did that mouseover trick and appreciated exactly what is done and how much is done, I just didn’t quite grok the enormity of it.

Jeez! If you look at the photoshop of the blonde’s eye, you can see the photographer reflected!

Even Buzz Lightyear gets help from computer trickery? Talk about shattering my illusions! :slight_smile:

The active ingredient seems to be CI42051, Acid Blue No. 3. An oxidative keratin colorant for dyeing hair? Yeeesh. Those models really must be desperate. Or make lots of money.

The perceived whitening would be due to an effect similar to laundry bluing. I wonder if this stuff fluorescences too, and if it was chosen specifically on how it appears in the light of a camera flash? Anyway, probably some of them take it before important live appearances, but for the bread-and-butter part I’d still wager it’s good old photoshop magic.
This artificial white-eye crazyness, by the way, is why I don’t like Playboy images. Those girls just look creeeepy, as if someone cut their eyes out and shone a light through the sockets.

(Aside from the fact that even today’s cheapest 3D software is capable of rendering a more natural and better looking skin texture than that. If I wanted to look at bleach-eyed pseudo meat puppets I might just as well watch computer rendered images. Maybe that’s where we’re going. We’ll reach a point where, no matter how they try to enhance themselves, models won’t be able to satisfy the fashion ideal anymore, and it will all be computer generated anyway.)

Isn’t it weird that exactly this has to look totally photoshopped. The irony! :slight_smile:

You’re looking at their eyes? :confused:

Can’t help it. They’re so distracting from… um… the nose. Yeah. The nose. :smiley:

You can’t believe any of the rest, either.
I read that they don’t even use ice cubes anymore.

Don’t fire the models until you see the whites of their eyes!

(I can’t believe nobody said that before this!)

I saw a site similar to that once, but which had originals and retouched versions of photos of celebrities. Anyone seen this and know where it is?


Blurgh. And I made the mistake of clicking through the photo gallery. While trying to eat breakfast at my desk. I think it is well-established now that I’m an idiot.