OH THE HORROR! Is this some sick joke? What have you done to these poor children?

From a website advertising photo retouching. The person involved seems to specialize in pageant photos, and says “I’m glad to answer any questions you have. Don’t hesitate to ask.”

My first and most important question is:

What in the name of God?!?!?!?!?! :eek:






Hel-LO, the next JonBenet Ramsey. Step on up. :eek:

Those retouched photos are horrifying.

The Barbification of America?

Good grief but that third one made me laugh… in a very uncomforatble, JonBenet flaskback sort of way.

Weird, most kids grow up pretending their doll is a person. Apparently there’s also some adults who wish their kids were a doll.

Have you found any of the ones they do of infants? Those are even worse.

Edit to add - never mind… I see that two of them are of babies.

Ye gods, the second link is absolutely terrifying.

In my last link - what is that brown pseudopod coming from the right side (our left, baby’s right) of the baby’s head? A mass of hair? A bow?

Ironic that they call it “Natural Beauties,” isn’t it?

The scariest thing about it is that they were all so cute BEFORE the retouching! Cute like actual little children. Actual children who are wearing makeup, which I’m not so hot on, but actual children nonetheless.

That 5th one looks like an ad for Propecia.
ETA: Eh, I see Arnold caught that too.

Those are horrifying beyond all the outrage over what they’re doing to the children - they’ve made them look positively inanimate.

I had chills.

Jesus those are freaky. How to turn your child from kinda cute to some kind of bride of Chuckie horror in three easy steps. Are we sure this isn’t a parody site? Or is this just another case of culture ‘advancing’ to the point where it is a parody of itself?

The latter. The also advertise being able to repair tears and damaged photos so it appears their intent is legit even if it’s weird beyond compare.

Hot to not.

It could be a parody site, but there is contact information, prices etc. I somehow doubt it. I think that people in a certain environment (in this case child beauty pageants) are so used to seeing children dolled up that they don’t realize how bizarre these photos might seem to other people.

I remember when I was going with my wife to ballroom dancing competitions, some of the outfits astounded me with their extravagance (and their price!), but after going to several competitions you eventually stop noticing and think it’s normal.


It’s just so poorly done! It looks like something you could do with Photoshop in about three clicks - not that you’d want to.

Holy flipping Christ in an Etch-A-Sketch, that’s creepy. They even call that thing they do to the eyes “doll’s eyes”. And that’s supposed to be good?

Maybe this is a stealth campaign for the new move The Stepford Kids

I had to click on the link.
I had to click on the link.
:: shudder ::

Are they trying to turn them into amine caricatures? Dolls? Fashion accessories? Plastic symbols with none of the mess and irregularity and, dare I say it, inconvenience of real children?

In my mind, this is in the same league as people who consider their pets to be little children with human thoughts and reactions instead of the animals they are. In both cases, they are confusing the symbol with the reality, and are trying to squeeze the reality into the far-too-simple mould of the symbol.

Erase those imperfections! Cover over that individuality! What you are doesn’t matter. All that matters is how closely you conform to the preconceived idea of what I want you to be.

I am going to have nightmares. I could only click on the first two, I’m sure the links work, but I don’t want to see anymore.

Apart from the fact that it would get the BBC shut down, I think the next series of Doctor Who could use that website as inspiration.

“Mummy loves you little cute baby - cuddle, cuddle - aren’t you pretty and I WANT TO KEEP YOU LIKE THAT!!!”

cue music

Both sets of pictures look creepy - before and after.