People only brought to justice after their second crime.

Like van der Sloot and OJ Simpson.

So what’s your point. Neither will ever be charged for Holloway/Brown murder as there is/was insufficient evidence.

Many people get away with several crimes before they are caught (e.g. serial killers who aren’t labeled serial killers until at least two deaths)

OJ Simpson was, in fact, charged with Nicole Brown’s murder. It was in a few papers.

More than charged: I seem to recall that OJ Simpson was “brought to justice” for the slayings of Brown and Goldman. However, for various reasons, justice may or may not have actually been served.

I think what Annie’s asking for are examples of people who were publically accused of one serious crime. not convicted, and then later accused and convicted of a second serious crime unrelated to the first.

Lynn Turner killed her first husband with antifreeze, but at the time it was thought to be natural causes. Then later, her boyfriend died with similar symptoms, and she was busted and tried for both murders.

It’s hard to say whether this case has resulted in eventual ‘justice’, but at least at one point it was close.

Raymond Wong was the chief suspect in the murder of his girlfriend Alice Sin in 1999. Her body (four months pregnant as well) was found in the Nevada desert; Wong never had an airtight alibi but there wasn’t enough to connect him or convict him of the murder.
Some measure of ‘justice’ (if you believe he did it) occurred when he was convicted (he plead no contest) of child pornography charges a year later. He served his time and was released (I think in 2005).

Last year he was booked on suspicion of violating the sex-offender registry laws. It was discovered that he was living a double life - his real name is apparently Edward Wong, and Raymond (under which all his prior criminal activity had occurred) was an assumed identity. He posted bail, and
promptly disappeared.

Kenneth McDuff, sort of. McDuff went to Texas’ Death Row in 1968 for rape and a triple homicide, but he beat the hangman when his death sentence (like all others in the U.S.) was overturned in 1972 by Furman v. Georgia. He was paroled in 1989 due to prison overcrowding and a woefully inadequate parole oversight process. After his release he raped and murdered at least five women, leading to a massive overhaul and reform of the Texas parole process.

This may be a moldy oldie…

But he was eventually charged AND, FOUND guilty of murdering Alice Sin, and I was there.

That was worth registering!

Harold Henthorn, who was just convicted earlier today for pushing his wife off a cliff, is now being investigated in the death of his first wife.