People String

Has anyone ever heard of peoplestring? Is it legit or is it a scam? My son seems to be interested in this thing. What little I’ve read on it makes me think it is one of those things that may be legit, but also come under the heading of “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is”.

Anybody have any firsthand knowledge on it?

What is it supposed to do, and how does it purport to do it?

Replacement for cat gut?

From what I am able to glean without actually visiting the site, it seems to be a social network with ad revenue sharing and multi-level recruiting. Most likely to fall far short of massive rewards, if that’s what they are promising.

And if that is what it is, then it’s not even an original idea - there’s one called Yuwie that is supposed to do the above (and also fails to be particularly lucrative).

Google ad: “Girls’ G-String Lingerie”. :smiley:

That’s pretty much what I gathered also. I’m almost positive that my son thinks he’s gonna get rich by Christmas. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure making a lot of money is a possibility, however, there can be no doubt that it would be the exception rather than the rule. I talked to him a little while ago and told him that if they wanted money or asked questions that they didn’t need to know, to make himself scarce. I hope for once in his life he listens. :wink:

It looks like the main activity is getting other members to sign up. That’s where the bulk of the revenue comes in. And, there’s a multi-level part of people string too. If you sign someone up and they sign someone up, you get revenue from that. That smells of scam. Most of the bulk of the stuff I’ve seen on the Internet is people asking others to sign up under their account.

However, there is free membership, so you can join without paying a cent (although I am sure you’ll be pressured to upgrade your account to entrepreneur status). Plus, there is suppose to be some income from getting and reading spam. I guess the idea is that a company pays People String for the privilege of mailing their members, and you get a cut. I can’t imagine that making much.

What I would tell your sons is what is the purpose of People String. If the sole purpose is to make money, and the bulk of the money comes from signing up others, then it is a hollow organization that is bound to collapse. A company cannot exist for long in order to sign up members hoping to make money.

And if he wants an idea of what happens when it falls down, just look at the whole Burnie Madoff* thing. This thing sounds like a de facto pyramid scheme.

At least the version I had as a kid was a catalog in the mail, and we were supposed to actually sell stuff, not try to get new members.

*Yes, I’m aware that that was a Ponzi scheme, which is slightly different. But Madoff is a bit more popular.

In other words it is a pyramid scheme, but under the modern guise of hierarchical marketing. Amway anyone? Or even a few less well thought of cults. These schemes almost always work by getting the members to purchase ancilliary products. Courses, books, services, higher levels: stuff that will help them become ever more successful. Which they never do.

If you call a scam something where you send in your money and never see anything for it again, then no it isn’t a scam. If you think something where you waste large amounts of time, and are encouraged to spend money on things of dubious worth to encorage you to waste ever greater amounts of your time, all for no return. Then yes it is a scam.