People talking about "Lost" at work.

…Is annoying when you don’t watch lost, agree?

How about when it’s all your friends and roommates and their friends and the living room turns into LOST central every Tuesday night?

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No more annoying than other people talking about any other subject in the world you aren’t interested in. That’s life for you.

This is annoying for any show that you don’t watch and others around you watch. They look at you like your pathetic or crazy for not liking/watching their show. It is like cult worship.

I love LOST, but this is hysterical:

Final Season of LOST Promises to Make Fans More Annoying than Ever

It’s annoying even if you do watch Lost, for whatever inexplicable reason. Seriously guys, it’s just a show. Most of the entertainment value comes from seeing what bullshit the writers come up with next as they stumble around without a clue. I try not to be sober when I watch it.

And yet, I haven’t missed an episode since the very beginning. I’m starting to view it as an abusive relationship…

Right. Before beginning a conversation, people should take a poll and establish that every single person will be part of the conversation. God forbid someone will feel annoyed at being left out.

And please don’t ever mention your spouse or your kids or your pet or your vacation or your hobbies, etc., etc., etc. . . . until you are sure everyone has one.

Yes, that’s the general message to take from this, that people only like the things they do and should shun any other topic. It couldn’t just be a singular hate focused on discussions about a particular TV show…

What’s wrong with starting with “Anyone watch LOST last night?” (Or more realistically, “Anyone STILL watching LOST?”)

And then anyone can leave with their fingers in their ears: “La la la LAAAA…”

It’s not just LOST. American Idol fans, and Project:Runway fans always seem to storm the workplace the next morning… full of news. Without caring if they’re spoiling it (at full volume) for anyone who missed it, or shrieking in front of people who don’t care.

Agreeing with this! I don’t watch much TV, and every time I get together with friends, they are always asking “Have you seen _____ yet? WHY NOT!??!!? Ohmigod! It’s SOOO GOOD! It’s so funny, you have to watch it!” Then everyone proceeds to talk about TV shows for an hour while I zone out and think about pizza or unicorns or something. Lost is just one example of many. It’s the “yet” that kills me, as though my watching the show is inevitable - I just haven’t seen the appeal YET but by golly I must come to my senses eventually!

Mmm… pizza. And unicorns… whatdja say? Sorry…

More annoying is when you watch Lost, but not on TV and wait for the release of the DVD set.

SOOOO true, digs. I watch Lost, I love Lost. I talk about it at bars with friends who also watch it. Not like I’m trying to recruit anyone.

I create captions and subtitles. We had Project Runway for two seasons. I remember the day I asked, “What’s this? A soap opera?” Boy did I get reamed. “DUDE! you haven’t seen it ???” Same thing with Heroes, The Sopranos, Fringe and Flash Forward-- none of which I’ve ever seen.

At work is a problem with all of these types of convos. If your boss likes “Small Wonder” so much, you can ass kiss, I suppose. A good boss wouldn’t have conversations like this anyway, so why should workers?

just be glad they weren’t talking about 24

We don’t talk about TV shows in my office. We sometimes talk a little bit about our home lives (what’s going on with our spouses or children), but never for more than a minute or two. Mostly we talk about work.

It is annoying, yes, but the upside is that it’s ridiculously easy to shit all over their conversation just by asking innocently simple questions that should have a coherent, logical answer, if it was any other show.

The funny thing about Lost conversations, especially during this season, is that they are COMPLETELY incomprehensible to non-viewers. Far more so than normal shows. One of my friends came over to watch Lost this week and we were talking about it afterwards and my roommate (who doesn’t watch but was in the room) told us that if he didn’t know us he would think we were crazy.

Yeah, this.