People who don't deserve pets

So at halftime, hubby & I take the baby and the big dog out for a walk.

As we head down the street, we hear a car coming up fast behind us, like about 25-30 mph on a residential side street. When the car passes us, what do we see?

The guy has his dog running on a leash held out the car window and is “driving” him down the fucking street!

Are you kidding me? What a tool. If you are a big fat fuck who can’t walk his own dog, pay some neighborhood kid to do it. Don’t endanger your dog by doing something this stupid.

Cruel heartless asshole. I wanted to report him, but hubby said no.

Why in the name of the Great Mystery didn’t you report him? Why would your husband say “no”?

That dog could very easily dragged under the tires of that car and killed or maimed. Or tripped and dragged along beside the car and killed or maimed.

That wasn’t “walking the dog.” That was pet abuse. Plain and simple.

Grrrrr. Some people… :mad:

Things like that really, really piss me off. Why didn’t you call any one??? Or at least take the licence plate…

The thing that really gets me though is people who don’t diserve Children, rotten fuckers, there’s very little that could bring me to actually harm another person, but child abuse… fuck…

I still might report him, I saw where he pulled into his own driveway.

But hubby is wrong, and you should have told him he was wrong, too damn bad, you’re calling someone.

Does hubby always tell you what to do?

If my hubby said that, i’d say, “Sorry you don’t like it, hon…I’m doing what I know is right.”


pissed at allt he assholes in the world.

I’ll I can say is report him. I don’t know what, if anything will happen, but report him. If he does it again, get pictures if possible.

Slowly but surely, my overall faith in humanity is being eroded.


Thank God I’ve never seen anything like that 'round here.

In New Mexico, where I lvied for a few years, some barrio dwellers would buy Chows and Pit Bulls, only to keep them on short chains in the back yard 24-7. Apparently, those breeds are seen as status symbols among a certain subulture.

UGH! People like that make me want to kill.

You ought to report him, you can do it anonomously, I’ll bet. If you can find an independent animal shelter in your area, sometimes they can help… sometimes the mistreated animal will just magically ‘disappear’…

Don’t let this just go… there is no telling what will happen to the poor thing next.

I agree with the rest of the crew.

Report him. In Canada, what you just described is a crime, punishable under the Cruelty to Animals Act.

Hubby probably wants to avoid potential trouble - and I can understand why! Still, it’s your duty to report the act to your local animal protection agency.

Good luck,

Elenfair, and her happy K9s

Morning guys, planning on calling the cops today. We aren’t sure which laws he broke, but we’ll come up with something. Animal cruelty, unsafe driving, illegal towing, whatever.

Stoid, I am not a mindless Barbie doll, if that was your question… And don’t start slagging my old man just yet. He is an EXCELLENT judge of what is appropriate at any given time (unlike me), and for reasons not explained in the OP, discretion was definetly the better part of valor.

I mean, if you can picture how this person must look on the inside, then put it on the outside… big, burly, violent, drunken, inbred & stupid were the first to come to my mind.

There is nothing that infuriates me more than people who have pets and then treat them like they are a hassle. I am a member of the ASPCA and PETA, and as far as I am concerned these people should be subjected to the same conditions that they put their pets under.

I am so pleased that you decided to call the cops and I am sure that the dog you are helping would give you a big lick on the face.

Hooray for you for reporting it. I think one of the major hurdles we have to overcome in fighting animal abuse and neglect is for more people to understand that there are standards of pet care. Too many people think it’s your dog, you can do whatever the hell you want. The first time someone tells them otherwise, they may not believe it, but let them hear it from enough people, maybe they’ll start to rethink things.

Recently a guy in PA kicked his puppy to death. Turns out he works with abused kids–nice, huh, given the link between animal abuse and people abuse? Anyway, some dog lovers I know mounted a huge letter-writing campaign to the DA in this case. The DA or judge or guilty party get one letter, they might think it’s just a dog nut. Three letters, they might wonder if they can really dismiss the complaints of people. 250 letters, from all over the country? Then they have to take notice.

Same with this guy having an authority show up at his door. Maybe it won’t get through this time. But you may have played a role in adding to (or starting) a chain of events that wakes this moron UP.

Good for your for reporting it, EJ&. It was pure, deliberate abuse, and who knows what that poor animal has borne in less visible circumstances.
Though this is a case where death may be literally preferable, I suggest you ask where the dog will be taken if it’s removed.

What a bottom feeder.