People who insist on touching the computer screen.

Do you really need to touch the screen when pointing something out? Everyday I clean this damn thing because of all the smudges on it. Can’t you simply just point to the text on the screen instead of actually touching the screen? Somedays it looks as though someone was making love to the damn thing. :eek: Please don’t touch the computer screen, there is absolutely no reason to.

Hey, what goes on between your computer and me is our business!:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a shared workstation with a company.

Just the other day when I was nuking my lunch, I glanced into a cubicle at a computer screen. The reflection was perfect to show a gajillion little finger smudges. I don’t see how the guy who worked there could use the thing!

As soon as I returned to my cube, I cleaned my screen. Just because.

Somewhere around here is the story of a (Best Buy?) employee who was demonstrating a laptop and broke the screen.

OK, I admit it, I’m that guy. I’m sorry, but I when I point at something on your monitor, I can’t help myself. To make my point, I . . . just . . . have . . . to . . . touch . . . it.

And quit your damn cryin’, and spend 15 seconds with some Windex. Sheesh.

I feel ya. I cringe every time someone touches my screen at work.

:: runs off to go get a rag and cleaner ::

Now this is what i’m talkin’ about. Why don’t you quit your damn carelessness and don’t touch the fuckin’ screen? You want a touch screen? Go to the damn ATM.

Shit, I hope none of you ever see my screen. It’s got 5 years of spaghetti sauce droplets, fingerprints, and who knows what else all over it.

I keep telling you: sit farther back when you do that. :smiley:

I just drummed my fingers all over both of my screens to spite you anal-retentive weenies. The lighting in here is just right so I can’t see the smudges unless I turn the monitor off or have a lot of black on the screen (which is rare on a machine I don’t play games on).

Unless someone can clue me in otherwise, touching is near-death for a flat-screen, as is Windex, etc.

Unfortunately, the cash register at the movie theatre I work at (summer jobs sure do suck sometimes!) has a touch screen. It drives me nuts sometimes when I come in after the morning shift, and the screen’s covered in melted butter and soda syrup smudges. It’s not that difficult to clean the damned screen before you clock out and leave, damnit!

I work at a college computer lab, and one of my jobs is to go through and clean all of the smudges off of the screens. We have Windex and towels, but few people are considerate enough to wipe of their screen after they’ve mucked it up.

I hate this. I’ll clean my screen to spotlessness, and a few days later fingerprint smudges start to appear again, out of nowhere. Grr.

Dunno how it happens; I’m the only one who uses it, and I never never ever touch my screen…hmmm… :smack:

Speaking of… what the hell can you clean a flat panel monitor screen with anyways?

P.S. I slap the hand of anyone who even reaches towards my monitor. Not enough to hurt, but it gets my point across nicely.

glas cleaner is fine, but don’t spray it onto the monitor itself, spray it onto a cloth and then wipe the monitor. this keeps fluid from dripping down into the delicate circuitry. Actually the same applies for regular monitors too. Just be more gentle with flat LCD monitors, as too much pressure can crack them.


I have installed a grid of high powered ultraviolet laser beams in front of mine - the dusty charred fingertip residue just brushes off the screen with a soft cloth.

I occasionally punch my monitor. Is this wrong?