People who WILL BE SHOT under the Inky regime

People in mini-vans who, in grocery store parking lots, see someone they know in another mini-van and proceed to clog up both avenues of traffic while they scream a conversation via driver’s side windows. These people will be shot on sight.

Women who slowly walk abreast each other in groups of three or more in narrow shopping mall walkways, hindering progress and not allowing faster traffic to pass will be shot.

People who hold up entire lanes of cars in parking lots while they wait for some woman to fold up her baby stroller, buckle in her little meatling, and vacate a parking space. These people will be shot dead.

People who hold up grocery store lines arguing the expiration dates of coupons with clerks will be shot on sight. Those who demand to see the manager will be slowly tortured first.

Anybody involved in any way with Telemarketing will be shot in the belly.

Looks like Inky picked a bad day to go to the grocery store and the mall.

Hey! No fair! You are listing classes of people, general categories. I have specific individuals in mind. Most of them have already been told that when the revolution comes they are going up against the wall.

Hey, Inky, if you need a hand, let me know.

Parking Lot Sharks!

Kill them! Kill them all!

I support the Inky- regime already.

Thank you Arden. There seems to be alot of enthusiam for the Inky Regime!


People who do not clean up the mess they leave in a park after their kid’s soccer matches will be beaten with rubber hoses.

People who allow their kids to zoom around on scooters or Big Wheels inside a toy store will be shaven bald --including eyebrows.

People who are willfully inaccurate in public restrooms will be covered in green paint.

People who send advertizments designed to look like bills or imporant papers will be thrown into The Pit of Greased Accountants.

Can we have public burnings for those nasty bastards that change their babies’ diapers in the back seat of their car, wad them up, then toss them out in the parking lot?

Can I suggest that parents who have no idea where their young children are past 11:00 pm be forced to post sentry duty during a prison break?

Parkinglot racers. Those guilty will be tied to shopping carts and shot repeatedly in the 'nads. With rocksalt. At close range.

My shotgun stands at the ready to support Inky and the Inky Regime. Long live the revolution!

**Inky- wrote:

Anybody involved in any way with Telemarketing will be shot in the belly.**

I assume you mean those who perpetrate telemarketing, not those poor souls who answer their phones, expecting a friend and get an ad pitch instead.

For those who do telemarket, I’d like propose burying an axe in their face, peeling back the loose flesh and splitting their skull open like a ripe melon.

One then assumes that accountants will be greased and thrown into pits? All of them, or just the obnoxious ones, such as HMO accountants and Gov’t Tax-types?

Parents who let their little urchin spawn run wild in grocery stores, with no regard for the other patrons, will be executed on the spot. They shall be strung up with extension cords from Aisle 5, have maxi pads from Aisle 9 stuffed in their mouths, and be disemboweled with baby spoons from Aisle 12.
Inconsiderate shitstains who come to work during the height of their cold or flu will die. At least those who insist on coughing, hacking, and spewing on every goddamned public surface in the building, with the secret hopes that others will catch their disease and suffer as they do. For their crimes, they will have their heads held down in a bucket of phlegm and NyQuil while their bodies flop around like a flounder on the beach.

Hail Inky!

Yo-be-oh, Yohhhhh-oh…Yo-be-oh, Yohhhhh-oh…

Huh. How about me? A big part of my business is contacting small business owners who have expressed interest in the small business benefits I represent by phone, determining the need and if we have a program to help, ( usually health insurance, we offer afordable coverage, it’s quite popular) and making an appointment to sit down with them. I guess that qualifies as being involved "in any way with telemarketing ". Well, I shoot back. Guess after that I’ll have to establish the Weirddave regime.

Yes! Thank you.

You are herby appointed Minister in Charge of Telemarketation Penalization Clarification and subject to the hefty salary that goes with that position.

Weirddave, you now have to answer to Freyr.

But you contact these folks at their business right? One business calling another business about doing some business is an accepted thing.

You don’t call me at home during dinner, so I don’t have a problem with you at all.

I suggest that the standard should be whether or not a given action annoys Blackclaw. If it does, the action should be reviewed by the Inky action commitee of Freyr, Dire Wolf, Tranquilis, Connor, Ogre, Arden Ranger, and Tommy the Cat. If they are also annoyed they then make use of Inky’s handy punishment guide and deal with the offender as thus dictated.

Freyr: Your bourgeois sentimentality will not be tolerated in the Revolution. Up against the wall, traitor to the people! We will have our glorious society even if we have to kill everyone in the country to achieve it!

Actually, about 75% of my clients are contacted at home. But I do make a point NOT to call btwn about 5:30 and 7. That’s dinnertime.

I knew that damn accounting degree was practical for something.

Exacting torture on people who annoy me. Sign me up! Oh…wait…that’s probably why I became an accountant in the first place…

:: shrugs, continues to apply grease ::

For the Committee’s edification, weirddave

These are people who you already know are interested? No cold calls? They have somehow let you know they are interested?

Think carefully. Your fate depends on your answer.