People whose heights surprise you

So, I’m watching 30 Rock clips with Salma Hayek and noticed her and Fey are nearly the same height. i knew Salma was short (in reality Tina is 5’5" and Salma 5’2"…but on screen they looked closer)…but didnt know Tina was. I guess its because she seems to tower over her husband. But it seems he’s just very short (5’2")

Discovered Amy Poehler is 5’2" and Rachel Dratch 5’0" (!)…man Rachel must weigh 100 pounds if she’s that short.

There’s no way on earth Danny DeVito is 5’0". He’s 4’10" at most. My mother (4’11") is taller than he is- and I’ve stood next to both of them.

5’5 "is short for a woman?

I’m surprised all the time.

I’m 6’3", and I don’t consider myself tall. Not compared to somene 6’7" or more. THAT’S tall!

But when someone who is about my height (David Bromstad, Tom Selleck, Jeff Goldblum) are filmed next to what society considers people of “normal” height, I am surprised how much they tower over everyone else. I’m like is that how peopler see me?

I used to be self-conscience of my height, but I got used to it. I consider everyone the same height as me. :slight_smile: But to see what the reality is sometimes shocks me.

Wikipedia has his height as 4’10" so yeah. Not sure whose saying he’s five foot.

Guess it depends on where you look- the site I was looking at said 5 feet even, which is absolutely not correct.

I was surprised to learn that George W. Bush was 6 feet tall. I mean, not that that’s super tall, but he always seemed like a short dude to me.

Well, he was the shortest president since Carter…

Comedian Gary Gilman is something like 6’7.

I was very surprised at how tall (6’3") ESPN/(Ex Fox sports, Ex-Msnbc, Ex NBC sports, ex everybody else)'s Keith Olbermann is.

Sly Stallone bills himself as a bit taller, but he appears to be about 5’ 8". Rocky Balboa, the character, is 5’ 10" and filmed that way.

Stephan Merchant is 6’ 7". I know he’s tall and gangly, but that’s pretty tall.

I wasn’t too surprised to learn that the cast of Night Court for several years held the record for “Tallest TV Cast.” Everybody but Roz and Christine were well over 6 ft.

I always thought of Kevin Costner as being of average height–he looks that way in a lot of his movies. But last year, during a film shoot nearby, I ended up standing next to him. I’m of average height, and had to look up at him. Turns out that he stands 6 feet 1 inch.

I’m the same height as you, and have had this feeling my whole life.

Like, being with a group of people who seem “normal” height “like me”, then being joined by some great lumbering brute who sticks out like a sore thumb. Then, realizing our eye level is the same*, or maybe he’s even a shade shorter than me. Before he showed up, I was the AT-AT :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • btw This is better way to check if someone is same height as you than trying to look at the top of their head.

Considering she’s kinda famous for being tall, Allison Janney is “only” six foot.

I’m 5’4"-ish, and my head would about reach your shoulder.

Henry Winkler of course is short at 5’6"…however The Fonz was never short.

Surprised to see Rob Lowe is 5’11"…I would have thought him a little shorter.

Whenever he’s on a show, Patton Oswalt looks really short. Then one time last year he came to “host” a movie at our local Alamo Drafthouse and as we were leaving so was he. I didn’t bother him as he quickly got surrounded by family (he’s from this area) but he walked by me within a couple feet. He’s the same height I am (5’4"). I know that’s a little below average height for a man, but he’s by no means LITTLE. It makes me think everyone else in Hollywood are just super tall.

(To clarify: I was surprised that he’s not as short as I thought.)

Could be my bad memory at play here, but I was in the same room with Alex Trebek when I auditioned for College Jeopardy! way back in the day. And I remember him being a short, wee little man.

Ok I read that as Gary Coleman, and I’m like “waaaat? That’s good acting!”