People you admire.

In varying definitions of the term ‘admire’, from being a role model to just people you think are worthy of your respect, historical, personal, fictional, it’s all good.

A couple of mine from history;
Red Cloud; a Sioux leader with pretty much the biggest set of balls in the west. Stood up to the U.S. government when across the country thousands of his kin were being driven off their land, or worse. Not only did he keep his land, he had a finely-tuned bullshit detector. He didn’t fall for any phoney-balony peace conferences which aimed to placate the Sioux and then rob their land anyway. Instead, he called the shots, rallied the Sioux (and others) behind him and demanded the U.S. army remove their forts. When the U.S. said they would, he called bullshit, and watched them until they were abandoned - then burnt them down. Can’t help but admire his fortitude, bravery and outright stubbornness.

Federico Garcia Lorca; another man I admire for his creativity, his bravery and being a tragic hero too. Wracked with depression, he went to his fate without protest, a homosexual killed in the most conservative city in Spain.

Themistocles; One from antiquity. We arguably owe our entire civilisation to him. Forget Leonidas; his sacrifice was a delaying action. Themistocles is the real hero of the Persian wars. Was able to convince the people of Athens to spend a surplus on a navy, as opposed to themselves, which must have been one hell of an argument. Later on it saved western civilisation as he put paid to the Persian fleet at Salamis (and pulled off one of the most spectacular feats of bullshittery in history, fooling Xerxes hook, line and sinker into deploying his fleet elsewhere and giving the Persians a good night of rowing). With no fleet for resupply it was pretty much game over for the Persians.

Marcus Tullius Cicero; Another from antiquity, and like Lorca he comes across to me as a tragic hero, as well as (to me) an identifiable everyman in a world filled with military colossi like Caesar and Pompey and obscenely rich toffs like Cassius and Brutus. Used his talent of speech to try and accomplish what he thought was right for his country and ended up paying the ultimate price for it (like Lorca, he also refused to balk at his fate, showing his throat to his assassin).