People you have misjudged

I recently saw a video of Dallas Sportscaster Dale Hansen make what I consider to be an excellent statement about recently came out NFL player Michael Sam. Back in the aerly 90’s, when I was just out of college and still living there, Dale Hansen was well-known to go to this bar, Louie’s, and get bombed before going to the station to give his 10pm Sportscast, kinda bombed. I was a regular at Louie’s, and witnessed this more than once.

Of course I figured that Dale was a local Homer, closed-minded blowhard moron, who would never in a million years make this sort of statement. Obviously I misjudged him.

So…what (mildly) famous person, of whom you had a negative opinion, did something to change your mind about them? Specifics welcome, positive or negative.

I saw that video you’re talking about, and although I had no previous knowledge of the guy, I was proud that a Texan sportscaster would make that statement. Gov. Goodhair (and Ted Cruz, and others) have given us such a bad rep.

Mine’s a negative.

Last summer, I spent a lot of time in the Zimmerman threads. One of my few remaining “right wing” views is on the 2nd Amendment, so I felt compelled to argue that the state didn’t have the evidence to convict him. Lots of people resorted to attacking Zimmerman as a person, which I felt, at the time, was a logical fallacy and, based on what I’d seen, wrong.

Well, since the trial ended (and I still have to say they reached the correct verdict, IMO) ol’ George has proven himself to be just the piece of shit the other posters at the Dope pegged him as.

So, allow me to publicly eat my crow.

Wow, that was awesome. I especially liked the bit about what sort of people are acceptable to the NFL in contrast to, as Mr. Hansen put it, “a man who loves another man”.

Pink. I wrote her off as another fluffy pop star with little talent and much Autotune.

Pretty much every word of that description is false, with the exception of “star”.

Steve Martin. I didn’t care much for him as a comedian; he was always far less funny than he seemed. If you look at the “Wild and Crazy Guy” bit, for instance, it’s clear that Dan Aykroyd is the one carrying the entire thing.

There was an article at the time that gave me insight: Martin wasn’t naturally a comedian. He was a comic actor playing the role of a comedian. As time went by, I began to see this: once he got established in films, he started to get away from schtick and was actually funny (as well as being able to be touching). I should have hated Roxanne as a bad adaptation of Cyrano, but it worked excellently. While Martin still does schtick, when he breaks away from it, he can be great (and he’s also a pretty good writer).

Now that’s just going too far!

Yeah, awesome! I hadn’t heard of him either until someone posted that video on my Facebook timeline, and made my day.

I’m still trying to think of a big example for the OP. The ones that comes to mind are minor. I never thought much of George Clooney as an actor until I saw O Brother, Where Art Thou? and he disappeared into a character so unlike, not only himself, but anyone, living or dead. I also never thought much of Heath Ledger as an actor until I saw Brokeback Mountain, though there are lots of people like Ennis.

Here’s one that surprised me that I just remembered. I didn’t actually know much about Jim Cornette, but I’d vaguely heard his name in connection with wrestling. My reaction to anything having to with wrestling was very very negative. Besides being all fake, I would have guessed that they’re ALL a bunch of right-wing assholes. Yes, stupid, I know. Two things softened my ignorant opinions considerably. One was the movie The Wrestler, and the other was this epic, EPIC rant against right-wing assholes by Jim Cornette that aired on a radio show a few months after President Obama was inaugurated. It’s a direct response to this other wrestling announcer saying some stupid teabagger thing, but goes off into several awesome tangents. A taste:

Jim Cornette’s Rant (part 1)
Jim Cornette’s Rant (part 2)

Robert Downey Jr. I figured someone like him would be your typical Hollywood la-laland totally disconnected liberal idiot, but instead he’s a very nuanced and thoughtful person with many conservative positions.

George H. W. Bush. He’s a much more reasonable and solid politician than I gave him credit for at the end of the Reagan and Bush One years. I still have policy disagreements with him, but I have learned to respect the man.

Celine Dion. I always thought she seemed haughty and cold until I saw her on Oprah. It turns out that she has a great sense of humour and comes across as very warm. Oprah surprised her by bringing her very large family to the studio to sing with her and her surprised delight was genuine and a pleasure to watch.