People You Want To Thank - But Can't

George Orwell - You died before I was born but you have informed my worldview more than anyone but my Dad.

George Carlin - You taught me that a truth told that brings a laugh works much better than a truth told stone cold.

Leonard Cohen - No other writer has made me say “Fuck you!” more often than you. So many lines of yours I read or hear and know that I’ll never come up with their equal.

Henry Rollins - “I Know You” was one of the most meaningful things I ever heard in high-school. I’ve followed your spoken word stuff since and, next to Carlin, it has provided the best mix of insight, poignancy, truth and laughs.

Kris Kristofferson - Next to Leonard Cohen I consider you the most brilliant lyricist there is. Your songs were the soundtrack of my childhood and they will be the soundtrack of my kids’ childhood - next to whatever schlock is popular at the moment.

Frank Herbert - You taught me politics

Robert A. Heinlein - You taught me religion - in fact you turned me Christian - and the proper perspective on it.

I love and thank you all!