Peppermint fudge recipe without the peppermint candy

I would like to make some peppermint fudge, but all the recipes I can find have peppermint candy crushed up in them, and I don’t want any damned candies crushed up in my fudge. Does anyone have a good peppermint fudge recipe that tastes good and pepperminty without all the damned crushed candies?

If your problem with the candies is texture, won’t the crushing allow it to melt in baking, so that you won’t have to bite into anything hard?

I would hazard the guess, that no, it wouldn’t because of the nature of peppermint candies. Or maybe so, if the bits are small enough? Is there any way you can take the amount by weight and maybe powder or crush it to more uniform tiny bits instead? Peppermint Candy dust? I’ll try a search to see if I can find anything for you, it sounds yummy.

My wife uses Peppermint Extract in her Peppermint Bark recipe. It’s by the Vanilla Extract in our grocery store.

Aha! Doing a search for peppermint fudge, I found a couple of recipes, the first one I found has both peppermint extract, and crushed candies. (I include it so you can get a better ballpark figure as to how much extract to use compared to other recipes.) The second one also has both peppermint extract and crushed peppermints but, the crushed candies are optional! :smiley: Enjoy!

Ah, excellent - so the crushed candies are not the source of the pepperminty flavour. (It’s both the idea of having hard chunks of candies in my fudge as well as the hassle of crushing up a bunch of hard candies that is turning me off having candies in my fudge. I’ve broken enough teeth already, thankyewveddymuch. :slight_smile: ) Thanks, guys!

So you want to fudge on the fudge recipe?? :slight_smile:

Little bit, yeah. :smiley:

Fudge isn’t baked. It’s cooked on top of the stove and allowed to cool.

Yeah, and the suggestion I made about crushing the candy to powder still wouldn’t be of much use at all. You wouldn’t have soft, yummy fudge, you’d end up with hard glossy “fudgelike” stuff once it cooled.