Minty Marshmallow Crisis - Help!

So, inspired by the Christmas Candy thread I made my own marshmallows tonight. It really was easy!

My plan was to make mint marshmallows to put in cocoa. the recipe called for 1TBSP vanilla so I subbed 1 TBSP peppermint extract. Eek! Big Mistake! Too much mint!!! The marshmallows are extremely, aggressively minty… too minty. Somewhere between toothpaste and altoids. What I had in mind was more like buttermints.

How can I save them? I thought about dipping them in chocolate, but will that just taste like chocolate-covered toothpaste? Any brilliant ideas, dopers?

ETA: Sorry about misspelling Marshmallow in the title. sigh

Sorry, no advice… But this is an awesome idea that I think I’ll steal if you don’t mind!

Could you make another (smaller) batch of unflavored marshamllows, and mix them together to dilute the mintyness? Ideally, I guess you’d want to mix the batter (or whatever you call it) prior to laying out individual pieces…maybe you could melt the stuff you already have?

I made marshmallows a few weeks ago. The were tasty (no peppermint) but I’m really tempted to start a thread in GD “Is there any substance in the universe stickier than fresh marshmallow goo?”

To the OP: Aggressively minty is not bad in everyone’s book. That’s certainly my opinion of candy canes, and they are pretty popular. Not everyone’s taste perceptions are the same; for example, my other half loves very strong flavors, as in, the more chiles the better. If you have roommates, children, or other bipedal guinea pigs around you might be surprised by their reactions.

Chocolate sounds like a promising route–cut up small and dip in chocolate, use to top chocolate ice cream, make homemade smores, mix into chocolate chip cookies.

How big are the marshmallows? Possibly you could still put them in cocoa, just chop them smaller so the mint is less overwhelming.

In addition to LouiseE’s suggestions, make fudge and add the chopped marshmallows.

They are still cooling & can be cut to any desired size/dimension (or, at least, I think they can). Good idea cutting them down “mini” size.

I would not try and make them into fudge - only because without the commercial stabilizers I have no idea what will happen - then I’d have TWO ruined candymaking projects. Similarly, I don’t believe they can be melted down and remixed.

Here’s a thought:
1.Get some thin chocolate cookies
2 assemble cookie—strip of minty marshmallow—cookie
3.Dip all in chocolate
4. Profit?

No prob! I used this recipe (except I used a standard hand mixer which seemed to work just fine):

And I’d suggest a 1/2 TSBP mint extract. :wink:

Mint extract is VERY potent. When I first started making my own peppermint iced tea, I made the mistake of thinking that a full teaspoon was good for 2 quarts. HA! I could smell the damn thing through three rooms. The first sip cleared my sinuses, opened my nostrils and singed the hairs in my nose.

I would cut them very small and use them in a recipe 50-50 with plain marshmallows. On top of cocoa is one of my favorite ways to use them.

For future reference, you can use most liqueurs in about the same amount as the vanilla, but not the other flavoring extracts. I typically use green creme de menthe in my mint marshmallows because it’s easier to control the intensity of the flavor and the coloring makes it easier to keep track of the mint ones from the plain ones. If I’m using flavoring extracts, I typically put in a capful from the little teeny bottles, about 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon, and then adjust from there.

Welcome to the world of homemade marshmallows! Soon you’ll be looking at everything in your kitchen as a possible marshmallow flavor. I’m specially fond of pumpkin ones–with dark chocolate they make the best smores. We’ve also made them with Kahlua, amaretto, grenadine, margarita, and mint julep, all of which get immediately snorked down.


Yeh, I almost did the same thing last year. I think I was measuring with a teaspoon, though, and realized what was happening before I got it all in. Those were…very minty.

I just cut them up small and they were fine. Quite popular, in fact.

I think your cookie idea sounds fab, though.

After slicing this morning it might be a nonstarter. I don’t think its possible to cut the marshmallow to the thinness I want (not with the tools I have anyway - scissors and a pizza cutter).

I just realized that the thread title sounds like some kind of anime series…

It does doesn’t it? The minty little sister of “Bubblegum Crisis” LOL. I assure you that was an accident.

For those of you following at home, covering the marshmallows liberally in Trader Joes Belgian dark chocolate created some manner of alchemy which rendered the marshmallows insanely delicious.

Nom nom nom.

Oooh…that sounds SO good…