Mint desserts WITHOUT chocolate?

Hey all,

So… I’ve promised to bring a green dessert to the writers’ group tomorrow, and I’ve decided on mint. :slight_smile: The problem is that I can’t have chocolate, and I’m REALLY cracking down on that right now. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a mint dessert without chocolate!!! There MUST be one. Ideas?

Vanilla ice cream with creme de menthe. Keep it in a cooler and bring paper cups to serve it in.

There was an interesting bunch of lemon recipes in The Guardian today, and I was thinking of trying the lemon lava cakes with lime instead. Making them lime and mint would be even better.

When you can do them WITH chocolate, this is a good chocolate lava cake recipe.

This looks like a recipe where you could substitute vanilla sandwich cookies or Vanilla Wafers for the Oreos and it would still be good.

Here’s a mint mojito cake. Never tried it (don’t like rum) but it looks good.


Ok I’ll bite. A sweet desert is being made. What possible harm could chocolate cause? Its already loaded in calories.

I think you could make a mint meringue without chocolate.

heres a mint meringue recipe.

I’m thinking a lot of people won’t eat chocolate during Lent, at least where I come from.

For me, chocolate gives me migraines. My sister avoids it due to the caffeine. I imagine the OP’s objection to chocolate has nothing to do with calories.

You could macerate berries in sugar and mint leaves and serve over pound cake with green tinted whipped cream.

Mint ice cream would be good too. Include nuts instead of chocolate chips for crunch. Bring ice cream cones or dishes and sundae toppings.

what about pistachio pudding, or something along those lines?

Chocolate is a migraine trigger for me, and I’m not the only one. :frowning: There are lots of recent claims that it supposedly isn’t (funded by the chocolate industry??? who knows,) but I just can’t ignore the fact that it has happened again and again and again and again and again. At some point, I just have to say that if it’s a placebo effect, it’s the most convincing one possible, and I can’t continue to take chances with it.)

My writers’ group is very dear to me, but my love stops at the point of dragging a cooler filled with ice cream to the meeting. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the mint meringue idea! :slight_smile: And pistachios! I have a strange, irrational love for pistachio desserts.

Stop at McDonald’s on the way and get a bunch of Shamrock Shakes? :smiley:

Mint Juleps.

We’re talking about writers, aren’t we?

One of my favorite flavor combinations is buttermint (butterscotch + peppermint). Once upon a time I made gooey butter cake using butterscotch and peppermint extracts in place of vanilla and it was really tasty.