Pepsi Center

Someone at work is telling me that the Pepsi Center, home of the Colorado Avalanche and the Denver Nuggets, serves only Coke. I’ve dug around on their website a bit, but I’m thinking one of you Denver sports fans can tell me if it’s true.

So, is it? Are only Coke products sold at the Pepsi Center, or was that true at any time?

From what I can gather from a story in the Denver Post, they serve Pepsi at the Pepsi Center. The problem was during the NHL All-Star game, since the official soft drink of the NHL is Coke. Coke made the NHL take off “Pepsi Center” from the tickets to the game.

But as Mark Kiszla wrote in the Post

I think that should answer the question. But then again, I haven’t yet had the chance to visit the Pepsi Center…