Poll: Coke Or Pepsi?

Either one, or the other. No extraneous choices, please- if you don’t like either one, move on.

I love Coca Cola. I used to drink a 2-liter every couple of days plus a can or so every day. I stopped drinking it a few months ago, except for maybe a can every couple of weeks, and have lost almost 20 pounds, so yay me. Coke tastes good- only the original will do, though- never diet for me. Yuck.

Pepsi is, in my opinion, evil. I’d rather drink Tucson tap water than Pepsi, and that’s saying something. That stuff’s just nasty.

Which side of the fence are you on?

Although, strictly speaking, I’ve only drunk diet drinks for many years now. But, always Coke over Pepsi, always dietCoke or Coke Zero over Diet Pepsi, always any product made by Coca-Cola over any product made by Pepsi. (Dr. Pepper being a tasty outlier, but distributed by Coca-Cola any place I’ve lived.) Can’t STAND Pepsi or Pepsi products.

Agreed. I only drink diet but the comments are true of regular as well. Pepsi is drinkable when cut with lots of fresh lemon juice, but usually my choices are

#1 Coke
#2 Nothing
#3 Sugary Battery Acid
#4 Pepsi

Coke Zero. I love the stuff. I would choose anything over Diet Pepsi.

i.e. Tab? :wink:

When I drank sugared sodas, always coke. I preferred the more “cinnamony”, robust flavor. But when I went to diet sodas, I found that A.) Diet Coke tasted nothing like regular coke ( in that very narrow universe all colas inhabit ) and was kinda foul and also that b) I craved the relatively greater sweetness of Diet Pepsi.

With the emergence of Coke Zero, I’m back on the coke wagon.

Pepsi. No contest. One of the annoying things about taking the subway in Toronto is that the newsstands there have an exclusive deal and sell Coca-Cola products only. sigh

And one of the annoying things about Las Vegas is that it seems to be owned by Pepsi. Can’t find a Coke in a casino to save your life. Bastards.

I have never tasted them side-by-side, so can’t tell the difference.

Coke. But if Pepsi Throwback ever became available year-round, I’d switch.

I’m not gonna claim Pepsi is DISGUUUUUSTING and I LUUUURVVVE Coke, because ultimately they’re not that different, but, as someone else said, in that narrow universe all colas inhabit, Coke is a hell of a lot better. It’s got a sharper, more complex taste, and seems to me to have more carbonation.

In terms of flavor:

  1. Coke
  2. Pepsi
  3. Coke Zero
  4. Diet Pepsi
  5. Diet Coke

I usually drink Coke Zero, and prefer the texture of sugar-free sodas.

Gotta be Coke. I won’t drink Pepsi. At a restaurant that has Pepsi, I’ll get Dr. Pepper. If they don’t have Dr. Pepper, I’ll drink water and never go back.

IMHO, OP should have included RC Cola in the poll. I get that some times too.

wow. I really don’t have a preference.

Neither. Sam’s Cola is half the price of the major brands (really!) and I’ve gotten so used to its subtlety that I no longer like Coke or Pepsi as much.

Otherwise, I drink whatever’s available, exclusively.

I’m surprised it took this long for such a poll to get created. I would have thought it would have been one of the first polls people would have started to test out the new toy.

I think I’ll start one later asking, is there a more glorious drink than Dr Pepper? Bring on Coke and Pepsi. The doctor can take 'em. :cool:

I hardly ever drink soda, but once in a while we’ll pick up a couple of bottles of Mexican Coke from the ethnic foods aisle at the grocery store. Made with sugar instead of corn syrup and tastes like it did back in the day.

I have never willingly ingested a Pepsi product, but I won’t drink that newfangled “Classic Coke” either.

Coke, for sure. Vanilla preferably, though they don’t carry it anymore at the store I normally shop at. :frowning:

Pepsi is drinkable in an emergency I suppose, if there is no clean water around.

Coke Zero is great, but I’ve found I rather like Pepsi Max as well.

Coke is way too sweet, so it’s Pepsi for me.

Pepsi! I think it’s fizzier and doesn’t taste as syrupy sweet.