Yet another soda thread (or: Pepsi vs. Coke)

I just want to know whether I am crazy or not. Am I the only person in the world who thinks that the aforementioned kings of the cola industry taste the same? My friends think I’m some kind of nut with deadened taste buds whenever I say this.

You’re nuts.

Coke is evil. It will eat away at your insides until you’re just a big bag of slushy goo walking around. It will leave the toilet seat up, rub your cat’s fur the wrong way, steal all the drugs out of your medicine cabinet, do doughnuts in your front yard, proclaim your frequent masturbation to the world, and steal your spouse away from you. It is bottled evil. Available at most grocery stores, vending machines, gas stations, and Evil Overlord Fortresses.

OTOH, Pepsi is ambrosia. Cures cancer, wins the lottery for you, folds your clothes, babysits the kids for free, and gets you extra presents from Santa Claus at Christmas time. Use only as directed. Side effects include stunning good looks, award winning voice, increased sexual stamina, and the ability to play any musical intrument.

Guess which one I drink?

It probably depends on exposure. Most people (alas, I am one) who have consumed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much soda in their time develop the ability to tell the difference and even, oddly enough, an affinity for one over the other. I’ll drink Coke, but not Pepsi, even though I know they are very similar. But I can’t stand the taste of Pepsi. I’ve been conditioned. Brainwashed! And I can’t help it …

Actually, I very rarely drink Coke any more. I try to stick to herbal iced teas … :wink:


But really, I have no emotional attachment to this issue at all … :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, I was going to answer, but how the fuck do you follow that post? I was going to put something like, “Pepsi is good, derrrrrrrrr”, but you went and put some thought in your reply. But then again, I AM at the SDMB and should expect nothing less!

I don’t drink pop, so I thought I would provide a unbiased opinion on which one was better.
I picked …


Pepsi is a CIA conspiracy to dump excess sugar onto the international markets. That’s why I drink Pepsi Max!

I also drink vanilla coke, but only a total of 2-3 sodas per week.

Check yourself there, bub. All of the facts I mentioned can be verified through Google. And I’ve been to the Death Star and I saw what they served in the cafeteria. It’s called Empire Coke: Drink Me Or Die. I assume that the evil Coke Corporation has some sort of cross-marketing deal with them.

While your choice of carbonated beverage is admirable, it is not pop. Pop is something you call your dad, a type of quiz, or one of the many fun things you can do to a balloon. It’s not something you imbibe. It’s a soda. Sez so in the OP. :stuck_out_tongue:

It all depends on location. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just what else do you do to balloons?

ICK! Both are nasty!

RC, on the other hand, is the nectar of the gods. :smiley:

I decided to run an independent taste test. Since none of my so called friends have any desire to participate I used the only available volunteers I had. I gave one dog coke, and one dog pepsi The dog I gave the coke to is just chillin out on the couch, his coat looks glossy, and his teeth are sparkly white. The dog I gave pepsi to has been licking his arse for half an hour, presumably to get the taste out of his mouth.

That’s gold, Magayuk Great commercial idea!

Anyway, I’m drinking a Diet Pepsi right now. I drink Diet Coke as well, but when I’m drinking a non diet beverage, it’s Coke all the way. Pepsi is too sweet, I think.

They finally brought Cherry Coke to the Land of Downunder, so everything else tastes like ass compared to it.

Coke…Pepsi…who cares? I drink Moxie.

Cherry Coke is the nectar of the gods.

That is all.

(Pepsi tastes like ass.)

One more vote for Pepsi.

RC reminds me of Pepsi so if my favorite cola is not available, my second favorite will suffice.

According to this site, both “pop” and “soda” are acceptable in my area.

I prefer warm, flat diluted diet Faygo Cola with a dash of onion salt. Or Coke. Pepsi’s just plain nasty.

Actually, the OP prefers to call it pop, due to long exposure to midwestern grandparents, but I wrote “soda” and “cola” in my OP because people always look at me funny when I call it “pop”. :smiley:

And I see it is now obvious that I am insane. But at least I’m in good company.

Pepsi has been my choice forever since I started drinking pop. Diet Pepsi was my choice when I chose to go sugarless. Now that diet Vanilla Pepsi is out, I drink it like it’s going out of style. But I always get Pepsi if I’m going out and it’s available.

Coke sucks. So does all its variants. Bleh!!

I recently spent six days in Reno, at the Circus-Circus. No coke to be found, only Pepsi. Circus-Circus is connected by walkways to three other casinos, none of which sold anything but Pepsi. Out of sheer desperation, I bought a Pepsi. I hated it, but I bought another, just to give it a fair test. I hated that one, too. Then I discovered a Walgreens, about six blocks north—They sold Coke, the life-giving mead of the Gods, thereby saving my life, my soul and my sanity. In short, I would walk a total of twelve blocks in any weather to buy Coke instead of walking down the hall to buy Pepsi.

Coke = sweet

Pepsi = waaaay too sweet