Ugh... Disgusting.

Jesus! This Pepsi tastes like crap, and my mom just bought it today. Don’t get me wrong, Pepsi makes other good sodas, like Mountain Dew, but the cola bites it big time. Tastes flat, but it’s still carbonated.

I’ll stick to my Coke. Anyone else?

Add me to the “rather go naked than drink Pepsi” list. There’s just something not quite right about it - Coke tastes like unbridled joy …

Pepsi is what evil must taste like.

I’m a Diet Pepsi drinker. I will drink Diet Coke, but only if it’s the only thing around. I’ll also drink Diet Cherry Coke and Diet root beer.

(Notice the “diet” above.)


Hmmm, I’ve taken “the Pepsi challenge” four times…and picked Coke every time. I felt like such a social reject! Upon entering an establishment that serves Pepsi products, well, let’s just say “Thank god for iced tea!” And, here I thought it was just me :stuck_out_tongue:
By the way…if you want to make a Pepsi slightly more palatable, or more “Coke-like” add a splash of Sprite(or Slice, whatever the Pepsi version is) and a squeeze of lime if it’s available. Not quite the same but much better than Pepsi…YUCK

Passover will be April 7-8 this year. Find a kosher food store and get some Made with real sugar Coca-cola.

Oh…My…God…how DARE you insult my pepsi! hugs my bottle of pepsi protectively…there, there…I won’t let them insult you any further…

But seriously, I dig pepsi. I drink it all the time.

Pepsi is sooooo much better than Coke, both the taste and the fact that it doesn’t leave a horrible aftertaste and film on one’s teeth.

Oh, and Coke in Canada uses real sugar all year round from what I’ve heard.

Add me to the prefer to go naked list too.

Than what? Oh.

Well, I just prefer to go naked.


[nervous muttering]I will not let a drink sway my true feelings for Broken Doll.
I will not let a drink sway my true feelings for Broken Doll.
I will not let a drink sway my true feelings for Broken Doll.[/nervous muttering]:wink:

My name is Daniel, and I have a Pepsi problem. I have a 2 can a day habit. I love that stuff, dude. It’s hella addictive. I think it contains the same addictive chemical as certain fast food items (IE Arby’s curly fries, and if you’ve seen So I Married An Ax Murderer, Kentucky Fried Chicken). I got hooked on it when I started eating Taco Bell, and I’m the one who got Broken Doll hooked on it. I feel like a crack dealer.

You feel like a crack dealer, because you ARE a crack dealer.


Here Enjoy Coke…

Sorry, I can’t stand Coke. Pepsi is it, diet or regular. Although Pepsi One sucks.

It’s true! It’s all hideously true…Daniel got me hooked on pepsi…it’s his fault! I used to be addicted to Coke…then he slowly but surely got me hooked on pepsi.


Coke tastes like carbonated maple syrup.

Pepsi tastes like carbonated aluminum-shavings beverage. I cannot understand how a human being with properly functioning taste buds can enjoy that swill.

I actively avoid certain restaurants just because they serve Pepsi, unless I’m in the mood for lemonade (and in my experience, restaurants with Pepsi either don’t have lemonade or it tastes like it was made with lemon-scented dishwasher detergent. That’s because any restaurant that would serve Pepsi is obviously managed by communists and child molesters, so of coure they’ll screw up the lemonade.) If I’m in an unfamiliar restaurant and order Coke and it’s a Pepsi joint, the waitress invariably asks “is Pepsi okay?” to which most people say sure; I always look her right in the eye and say “No” and order something else.

The ONLY cola drink worth consuming is Coke. Pepsi sucks.

Fah! In the words of Mr Berkly Breathed, “Both taste like malted battery acid.”
Dew or die. that is my motto.

Ever try to make a mixed drink with Pepsi? Now that is disgusting. :eek:
1 Rum and Coke please!

Hallelujah! brother…Although at times I have been tempted my Mello Yello. I have a serious problem with Dew…I drink at least 6 cans a day…jeez.

Colas! feh! Rancid swamp water, all of 'em!

I only drink Barq’s or ginger ale.


I’m not a huge fan of either. Although I’d go with Pepsi Max.

[sub]Drink Fanta… rejoice in the orange goodness.[/sub]