The new "Coke with Lime" is just Diet Coke.

I finally got around to trying “Coke with Lime” last week. I love Coke and I love lime, and I thought it would be an interesting experience.

It tastes exactly the same as Diet Coke. I suggest you try it yourself and I dare you to disagree.

That is all.


Interestingly enough, I bought what I thought was a coke a couple of weeks ago, and nearly drank the whole damn thing before looking at the can and realizing it was actually “Coke with Lime.”

After that, I could then taste the lime.

[QUOTE=Agent Foxtrot]
It tastes exactly the same as Diet Coke. /QUOTE]
No, it doesn’t. The lime stuff has acesulfame potassium in it and regular Diet Coke has aspartame. The lime stuff will give you an aftertaste that won’t go away for hours. Yuck.

Squeezing a couple wedges of lime into a regular Diet Coke works well and tastes good, but there aren’t that many restaurants that have lime wedges available.

I tried it for the first time yesterday. It was even worse than Diet Coke. It tasted like insectiside smells. Just horrible.

I tried this product. It’s not bad if your looking for something different. But in my opinion there is still nothing like a regular Coke with lots of ice. Ahhhhh.

The smartest people on earth are the lime farmers. Now there’s lime varieties of every soft drink, tortilla chips with lime, who knows where next. Whatever shrewd marketing genius is behind this, I’d like to buy him a drink.

I hate Coke/cola in all it’s versions, but the child said Lime Coke tasted like “Coke with dishwashing liquid”. We buy Lemonish dishwash liquid but as far as I know he has never tasted it.

I like Diet Coke with Lime. It’s a bit different, but yeah it’s not really too different.

Diet Coke with lime is OK and tastes like someone took a glass of Diet Coke and squeezed a lime in it, if the lime had been grown in a lab from a handful of amino acids and a Van de Graff generator.

Coke w/Lime, on the other hand, is what the gods drink on Mount Olympus. It doesn’t tase of chemicals at all. It tastes like Coke, with a lime.


Both Poundstone’s Big Secrets and Cunningham’s For God, Country, and Coca Cola agree that the classic Coke formula consists of vanilla, cinnamon/cassia, and citrus oils (with touches of other flavors). The recent addition of lemon and now lime suggests that they’re simply ratcheting up the citrus oil component. If true, that’d be different from adding lime juice to a Coke, which might explain the difference in taste.

I’m a total lime junky. I eat limes. Plain. My friends tell me this is unusual. I can’t imagine why. Limes are divine.

And despite that I really dig Diet Coke with Lime. The lime-esque (lime-oid?) flavor really cuts the diety taste.

It follows in the grand tradition of Diet Coke with Lemon, which doesn’t taste like Diet Coke with lemon in it so much as drinking a Diet Coke over a freshly waxed table, which I, personally, find rather refreshing.

I haven’t had plain Coke with Lime, though. Too much sugar for me.

We were at a gas station last night, and stapped to a light pole was the sign saying they had Coke with Lime on sale inside. The slogan on the sign said “Guess what it tastes like…”

You’ve never seen a man so in want of a magic marker. 'Cause if I’d had one, today that sign would say “Ass!”

Try the diet Pepsi with lime, it’s a little smoother.

I like the regular Coke with Lime, haven’t tried the diet kind. I don’t like Diet Coke with Splenda either. But Diet Dr Pepper works, at least when it’s cold. I’m trying to convert to diet drinks, due to my recent diagnosis of diabetes.

The best diet drink I have found (non-carbonated) is diet V-8 Splash. Yummy!

I actually like how slight the lime flavor is. I mentioned this in another thread this morning, but for me lime=alcohol, so having lime with anything else always tastes funny, until I tried this stuff. Just a hint of lime, not too much, and there’s still all that great Diet Cokey goodness.

Agreed! I hate diet cola. Blech. Diet Coke with Lime tastes nothing like it.

I’m trying to avoid artificial sweeteners for the time being, so I did try a regular Coke with Lime. It’s good, although quite sweet. Water is still my favourite drink.

Diet anything = bilge water
Regular Coke = What, no lime wedge?
Coke with Lime = Goodness
Coke + Lime Wedge = Greater Goodness
Coke + Lime Wedge + light Rum = Heaven!

Might I suggest a Cuba Libre?

Why didn’t you tell me it was a rum and Coke, with lime?

My version (so good I should come up with a special name for it): Diet Vanilla Coke, Bacardi O, and lime juice. Mmmmmm… :slight_smile: