The New Diet Coke With Lemon

What do y’all think? Is it gonna go the way of the “new” Coca-Cola® they tried to get us to like?


I think they should call it Diet Coke with Lemon Pledge. I threw out an entire two liter bottle. Blech, blech and double blech!!!

My husband expressed surprise when he saw the commercial for the new Diet Coke, but it will probably make waiter/esses jobs easier since people are constantly ordering that. At least in my experience.

I love this Board. It keeps me from being totally clueless.

I have neither seen nor heard of the new DC (until this thread). As one of the people always ordering lemon in my DC, I’ll certainly give it a try. It can’t be a good as squeezing a fresh lemon wedge in there, though. :slight_smile:

In a word: AWFUL. I would rather drink my own vomit. Okay, maybe that’s a tad extreme, but not too far off the mark. One of the reasons I like regular Diet Coke is that (to me, at least) it tastes cleaner - less “diety” than Diet Pepsi. And it’s got more fizz, too. The Diet Coke with Lemon has an entirely artificial lemon taste, and seems to have less fizz than its non-lemon counterpart. As a regular “Diet Coke with a slice of lemon” restaurant orderer, I was hopeful that the canned version would taste at least remotely similar. Alas, no.

At work (a grocery store), we have a special machine with nothing but Diet Coke with Lemon in it for 25¢ a can and $1.19 for a six-pack. That’s about $1.20 too much. It tastes like artificially-flavored lemonade with too much sugar and water combined with a little aspartame aftertaste. I expect it to be pulled within 6 months.

Another vote for flat Coke with lemon pledge. Yeuckk!

I love it for the same reason I love Pepsi Twist, because they are so artificial-tasting.

Pepsi did it better, and for someone that hates Pepesi, that’s saying something!

It’s drinkable, but only just. I’d rather my fresh lemon wedge and a regular Diet Coke, thankyouverymuch!

So is it better or worse than Tab?

And as far as Pepsi Twist goes, didn’t this used to exist years ago as Pepsi Lite?


Pepsi Twist=kickass

Not so much lemon pledge as lemon pine-sol, IMHO.

It tastes better than regular Diet Coke.

I remember a diet Pepsi with lemon in it back in 1985. It wasn’t bad.

Now that I think about it, there isn’t a diet soda that I can really stand. I’m a big Dew fan, but Diet Dew has a chemical taste that just doesn’t make it for me. Diet Dr. Pepper tastes just like regular Dr. Pepper…but that doesn’t help if regular Dr. Pepper makes you gag. Diet Pepsi tastes like medicine and Diet Coke doesn’t have a taste at all (unless “bland” counts as a flavor). 7-Up, Sprite, Squirt, and any of the various Faygo/Shasta off-brand junk are all disastrously nasty in their non-diet incarnations…I shudder at the thought of the diet stuff.

I don’t know…maybe being a “supertaster” is more of a pain than a blessing…


Is this available everywhere? I haven’t seen it yet, and I spend more than the Gross National Product of Bulgaria on Diet Coke.

If it tastes anything like the dear, departed Pepsi Light, I’ll be quite happy with it.

Well, I see the billboards of people with their faces all puckered up and I have to admire the cojones of an advertising agency willing to say, “Try our product! It’s unpleasant!”

However, I don’t admire it enough to actually buy the stuff. I’m a big fan of Truth in Advertising. If they say that’s the reaction I’ll have, I’m not drinking it.

I bought a 12 pack on sale.

Using a real lemon is tastier, and also is not weird. Weird weird weird…

I don’t know what I’ll do with the stuff.

I can’t believe this! I’m with Jodi…never heard of it, nor Pepsi Twist. In fact, I’ve never had my diet Coke with real lemon in it before…am I missing out on something? Perhaps I’ll try it, just to be novel.

I DO remember that Pepsi Lite from the 80’s…that’s what my grandma used to have for lunch. That or Tab. Maybe I’ll get some just to remind me of her. :slight_smile: