Perceptual colour compatibility poll

I’d like as many people as possible to take part in this poll.

Please take a look at this image; there are three columns of coloured spots - one for each of the RGB primary colours, blending into each of the secondary colours (in no particular order).

What I want you to tell me is, for each column, which numbered spot represents the best blend, so if you think that for the red column, spot number 2 is the most natural blend, answer R2; so answers should be given in the form RnGnBn.

If you want to explain your reasons for choosing that blend, please enclose your explanations within the [sp[FONT=Arial]oiler] and [/spoiler] tags, to avoid, as much as possible ‘persuading’ other participants.

Participants, please don’t read any spoilers until after you have posted your results.

Thanks all.[/FONT]

Note: I’m specifically looking for subjective, aesthetic judgments here; tell me which blend you think is most right, for each primary colour.

R3 G2 B1

No explanation, but G1 is the ugliest thing i have seen today.

R3 G3 B3

No real conscious reason for that though.

R3G2B1 as I now see (I didn’t read ahead) same as kellner just seemed more ‘right’.

Also no really definable reason, they just seemed most right.

R3 G3 B1

meep! (to fill up character requirements)

R3, G2, B3

My initial decisions were intuitively based, but I took a second look to figure out why I preferred certain colour combinations:

R: pink & red clash, while red to turqouise is jarring - red to yellow is a “smoother” transition.
G: green & purple clash, green & turquoise are too “cool” (not enough contrast), while the green to yellow is a smooth transition with a decent contrast. If the turqouise had been a true dark blue like the B column, I probably would’ve chosen that with the spring (yellowish) green colour.
B: blue on turquoise is fine, but too “blue”; blue to yellow is also alright, but doesn’t blend as well as blue to purple/pink.
I also just realised my colour preferences are 2 out of 3 a combo of primary colours which blend into a mixed colour (red & yellow w/ orange, blue & pink w/ purple), which probably had a lot to do with my selections.

R3, G2, B1

R3 G2 B1

You don’t want any participation info (age, gender, region)?

R3, G2, B3

With no particular definable reason.

R3 G2 B1

R3 is like a sunset. The others are like spheres.

R1 G2 B1R1 & B1 look the smoothest to me. G1 looks like it should have gold between the green and purple.

R1 G2 B1

Are there any real conclusions that have been drawn from these dots, or is this just for fun?

R3, G2, B1

R1, G2, B1

R3, G3, B1


R3 looks like a summer sunset, G2 makes me happy because it’s so bright and pretty. B3 looks like a winter sunset plus I’m always a sucker for purple

R3, G2, B1

I do intend to analyse the results, but I need quite a few more responses yet before I can say anything.