Perciatelli sucks.

Not strong enough for the pit, and food related so here it goes I guess.

For anybody wonder(and I would have been before this incident) Perciatelli is a pasta. An evil anarchist pasta.

I was at the store and remembered I needed a pasta from the spaghetti of foods. Looking around I noticed a type of pasta I had never used before, Perciatelli. It appeared to be about 2.5 times the spaghetti diameter baseline. But it was on sale/clearance, for 1/4 the price of any other pasta. Hmm’ I thought to myself It’s a basic long noodle pasta, how bad can it be? Just cook a little longer. Well caveat emptor,and this emptor should have caveated a lot more.

that was still unknown to me however, as I opened the bag of pasta. Hmm they are not solid, but have a pinhole running through the length, interesting, but not a big deal. as I threw them in the water. The bag said cook for eight minutes, so I figured that was a good starting point, even though I live in Denver and knew our slightly defficient boiling would probably take a bit longer.

I grabbed the first test piece at seven minutes, Whoa it was was past Al Dente. I scrambled to prepare to rescue my noodles, but upon stirring I noticed many were still rock hard.

Well to make a long story short, they are a horrible noodle(at least that brand of them), and I know why they were on clearance, you can’t cook them right. Some have a lengthwise pinhole the size of 2 pound test line, and others have a pinhole the size of a normal spaghetti piece, and everything in between. So that some quickly starch up and block water so you are cooking a 2.5 diameter spaghetti from the outside only. Other are big enough holes to allow decent water flow through and end up cooking as a .75 diameter shell cooking from both sides. Some are ready when others are still uncooked, and if you cooked them enough to get the small holes done all though, the big holes are soggy falling-apart starchy mushes.

And I lack the patience to get a set of micro internal-diameter calipers and figure out a chart based on the correct time to throw in each specific noodle so they finish at the same time. ANd I’m not going to stand over the pot for 20 minutes carefully examing and extracting noodles as they finish just for some freakin spaghetti.