percussion caps

How do they get them onto the bullets without detonating the fulminite in the process?

Primers, you mean? They just push them into the socket. A primer won’t go off unless you strike it sharply, or apply really a lot of pressure: just pushing on it isn’t a problem.

Thanks. I thought the merest touch would set fulminite off!

Hey, Dougie…this sort of question really belongs in the General Question forum, OK? THIS forum, the BBQ Pit, is where we get to spit at each other and pull one another’s hair out. I’m afraid that we simply can’t have unbridled courtesy and curiosity here, we have standards to maintain.

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Thanks, Lynn…I hadn’t grasped the distinction yet between General Questions and the BBQ Pit…from now on if I pose a question here I’ll strive to be at my fiercest. :slight_smile: