If you're licensed to kill, TVeblen, learn to read.

TVeblen, do yourself and all of us a favour and read posts before commenting on them. If you want to shoot your bazooka, and I know how protective some of you guys are about your Second Amendment rights, then make sure you i.d. the target first, eh?

Full texthere.

My original thread was called ‘How to get a thread in the Pit?’ (NB, TVeblen, not ‘How to start a Pit thread?’) Again, in the interests of fighting ignorance as well as equity, full text here.

Hey, roger, that shovel’s worn out. Here, lemme give you a new one, you seem determined to keep digging.

It was such a stupid OP she can hardly be blamed for trying to figure it out.

On a more congenial note: You’re starting to enter the terminal stages of a flame-out. You’re not quite past the point of no return though: Pull up, pull up! Just shut up and let the matter drop.

No. Keep going! Maybe you should start drinking and then post. That’d really show the mods.

Looks like someone is wearing their cranky pants. Do you need another rainbow hug? Some milk and ghram crackers, and perhaps a nap?

This can only end badly.

Like knocking over the ale keg in Valhalla and shouting “I can take any God in the house!”

Oh, by the way, if your question is how to get a thread in the Pit, the answer is “post a thread to the Pit”. If your question is “How can I post a thread that looks innocent, but is really trolling for people to get upset and get it moved to the Pit.”


Titling is important too. Try to achieve maximum attention getting impact. Instead of “Is Logical Positivism Irrelevent in a Post-modernist Environment?”, try “Is God a Homo?”

Direct personal references are good, too, like…oh, I see you’ve already got that one down…

For Christ’s sake, roger, who gives a shit? Let it go, already.

Hold a grudge much?

Hmm, a move-my-thread game?

Got any other super-fun ideas for creating work for the mods? I’m sure they’d appreciate your suggestions.

For the love of God, the man just wants some beef, bean, and cheese burritoes!

Who, Dan Quale?

I’m tempted to ask Sam “Y”?

What, is he planning to visit Sat on Cookie?

Goddamnit, you stole my post!

That is a oldie and a goodie. I forgot about that. How come I can get a beaf and bean burrito, and a bean and cheese burrito, but not a beaf bean and cheese burrito DAMMIT




I have this image of the OP as a fly resolutely heading for an approaching windshield…

That’s mead dumbass. Not ale. Get it right! :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as trying to sneak threads to different forums, search me and Websense. I was honestly oblivious that it was wrong to do so on the boards. After all this time I think I picked up a formal warning for that debacle.

And for those interested in a quick follow up, I discovered you just simply have to go to the MB URL. No problem. :smack: