Perfect breasts have no wrinkles...and just a touch of starch.

I’ll never bitch about circumcision again.

So how many times have you been circumcised?

As horrifying as that sounds, it ain’t got nothing on the common middle-eastern practise of female circumcision.

Sorry. I shouldn’t have said “common” – it was once common but shifting social sands in that region are trying to stamp out this barbaric practice.

Ignorant, digusting, horrible people.

I nearly threw up just reading that crap. Why is this in MPSIMS? This is neither Mundane nor Pointless. I guess Pitting it is silly, though.

I thought it was done in parts of Africa as well?

That’s possible. I became aware of it through reports of this vulgar practice from the middle-east, so it stuck with me.

Depending how you define Middle East, it’s only really common in one country - Egypt. Also occurs in parts of Yemen probably as a result of influence from across the Red Sea ( it is overwhelmingly common in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and Somalia as well ). Severe FGM is ovewhelmingly an African issue and is unknown in most of the ME/NA ( except perhaps in emigra communities ). This chart is pretty handy:

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This started the press rounds about a week ago,and I waited to see how long it took to show her. They do a lot worse in ignorant social groups of lowbrows.

Lordy. That’s depressing – and it seems as though while pretty much all of those countries are trying to do something about it, they seem to be meeting with rather long-term resistance – or their efforts aren’t very effective, based on some of the statistics shown there.

I read an article the other day (can’t find the link again) about a girl who bled to death while performing FGM on herself. Seems her parents wouldn’t do it, and she got tired of the other girls making fun of her, so she tried to do it herself.


There aren’t enough swear words invented in all the languages in the world to express my reaction to this shit.

…how would they know? Daily genital inspections?

I dunno, and I don’t really want to know.

Fair 'nuff. Seems a bit off, in retrospect, to mock a situation like that one.

How ironic. They abuse their daughters in a desperate attempt to keep them from being abused.


I’m going to have nightmares tonight about my mother ironing me. What makes this worse is that if you’ve ever watched Misery–my mom looks exactly like Kathy Bates. :eek:

Very true - and it also sometimes gets erroneously described as directly linked to Islamist beliefs, when it’s actually also common in some Christian communities.

My favorite thing about it is: they know men will sexually abuse the girls, so they mutilate the girls rather than address the men who abuse the girls. Wonder who’s in charge?

I had a schoolmate once that had an iron-shaped burn scar on the right side of his face, complete with little holes that weren’t burned. Apparently his older sister didn’t know it was on.
It was probably more painful than it looked, which was very.