perfect pitch

I graduated from the University of North Texas, famous for it’s jazz program, and i remember reading an article in the school newspaper about a girl who had perfect pitch. As far as being cosmically connected to the universe, the could identify what note her a/c hummed at; among other things. that’s pretty cool. also the related identifying notes the same way regular people identify colors, each has it’s own property.

Who cares about perfect pitch? … baseball season’s practically over anyway.

Are you referring to a SD column? Which one? Please include a link. Thank you.

I just read the article linked to above, and I don’t understand the last line. A phone phreak with perfect pitch could whistle telephone touch tones? I thought touch tones were two notes at once. Could this guy whistle chords?

Perhaps he could whistle an interference pattern trill?

The old phone phreak stories I recall involved single tones. Or maybe the guy was from Tannu Tuva?

The touch tones produced by the keys on the phone are composed of two tones. The tone that the phone phreakers used to use to take control of phone switches was a single tone - 2600Hz.