Perfect sense

Anyone seen it? It didn’t seem to do so well box office wise, but I found it to be excellent…

Scottish (with both Renton and Spud from Trainspotting in it), slow drawn out end of the world drama very well done. One for dvd perhaps?

It never opened. Checking IMDB and Box Office Mojo it looks like it only played in one theater in New York. It did play a few film festivals prior to opening in NY. Where did you see it?

I’ve never seen Trainspotting so I had to go look. Ewan McGregor was Renton. Perfect Sense came between Beginners (my 2nd favorite film of last year) and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen so I don’t know why it got no publicity or release. The movie also stars Eva Green.

If it opened I’d go see it. I like McGregor and Green, and the premise sounds interesting.

Out on dvd rental in uk.

I’d really suggest you see Trainspotting, it is one of the modern classics, even if you have to watch it with subtitles because of the scottish accents…