Performing Dopers: What's Your Next Project?

Yes, it’s a thinly veiled plug for an upcoming show, but an equal opportunity plug (hope that isn’t a violation of SDMB rules).

The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Austin (GSSA) is currently in rehearsal for our summer production of that venerable old warhorse The Pirates of Penzance. We have some outstanding leads, the chorus is sounding euphonious, and the dialog still invokes laughter from folks who have heard it a thousand times already. All in all, I’d say things are looking shipshape for our launch on June 19.

So fellow single/double/triple threats: sing out, speak up, take point, or otherwise step into the spotlight to let your fellow Dopers know what you’ve been up to.

Not one?

No, no, not one.

Not one?

I read/perform my poetry at open mic night at The Green Apple in the Atlanta neighborhood of EastPoint every Wednesday night.

OK, I’ll join in.

For me, it’s busking on the streets of Berlin. (as soon as I get my new battery powered Vox DA5 amp, which I just tried to do but the store won’t have them in till next week.)

My next gig is a month-long school tour of Hansel and Gretel, singing the role of Peter, H & G’s father. Last bit of May and all of June.

Kizarvexius - Pirates is an absolute riot - I’ve seen it and performed in it often. (frequently)

Moe - can’t wait to hear more clips. Viel Glück mit deine Musik, mein Freund!

Jali - Way cool. Any clips we could see someday? Just hopin’.