Periodical Subscriptions

We had a thread here recently on the topic of books you are currently reading. It gave me the idea for this one. I was just kind of waiting for it to head down the list for a while before posting this one.

What periodicals do you suscribe to or read regularly?

I get three currently, not counting the various trade magazines. They’re like the e-pollution in my inbox. Way too many and not real useful.

[ul][li]National Geographic - nice publication and great photos although the maps aren’t what they used to be.[/li][li]Car and Driver - good reviews on cars I will never be able to afford.[/li][li]U.S. News & World Report - it can’t all be for fun.[/ul][/li]

One complete set of morals for sale to highest bidder, new in box.

The only one I get is and enjoy is Popular Science. I love reading about them new fangled inventions.

A friend got me a subscription to Black Belt magazine for my latest birthday (maybe as a joke, because I am pretty sure they know I hate that magazine, but I am prtty sure it would be rude to ask if the gift was a joke or not). Anyway, I get it, and I do read the various adverstisments because they are VERY funny (my favorite is about the guy who has won hundreds of street fights and rubs a neo-nazi’s head in a bar then proceeds to trash them all … I am chuckling while writing this), even if they don’t mean to be. Occasionally, I will read an article, and occasionally the articles can be good. Not occasional enough that I would spend my money on it though.

What more could you expect from somebody who lets people kick him to the head?

My wife would like it to be known that she gets practically every parenting and baby magazine known to mankind (our credit card can attest to this). She also gets Consumer Reports (which I do read from time to time) and Redbook.

What more could you expect from somebody who lets people kick him to the head?

My only subscription is to Transworld Snowboarding. Mostly I just like to look at pictures of mountains and pretend I am the one doing the rodeos flips. I even like to look at the ads. Damn me for being born in a prarie state.

I used to get ArtNews but my subscription ran out and I never resubscribed. It had some good stuff on modern art, though.

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Sesame Street Magazine is the only magazine to which I currently subscribe. For my daughter. Really.

I do like Barbie Bazaar, because I sort of collect Barbies. I say “sort of,” because I don’t have the money to spend on all the Barbies I really want.

My husband reads Guitar Player every month. The only reason we don’t have a subscription to it is because we just keep getting too busy to take three seconds & fill out the form. Christmas is coming, though. Maybe I’ll fill out the form for him.

National Geographic
MAD Magazine
Car & Driver
Four-Wheel Drive & Offroad Magazine

I also am getting (for free) a magazine called “The Edge”. It seems to be aimed at pseudo-manly men in the 25 to 55 year old range. I’m not sure why I’m still getting it (I’ve gotten like 8 “complimentary” issues). It basically sucks, and I’d never actually spend money on it.

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Electronic Gaming Monthly
Smart Reseller
Inside Technology Training
and a bunch more of trade publications

Just add water, it makes it’s own sauce!

Sky & Telescope
Skeptical Inquirer
Animal’s Agenda

Sky and Telescope
Fire Engineering
Model Railroader
Proceedings (US Naval Institute)
Popular Science
Popular Mechanics


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I get to read tons of magazines at work. Favorites include Details, Billboard, numerous radio trade publications and fanzines.

Yer pal,

Reader’s Digest
Writer’s Digest

I get a lot of free mags at work, too, mostly crrrrrrap…TIME, PEOPLE, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. At least my WC is always fully stocked with trivial reading matter.

Stuff I actually PAY for:
THE NEW YORKER (yes, it’s sucked ever since Harold Ross died, dagnabbit. But the recent arts coverage has often been tasty…the articles on Balthus and the Shaggs and Yeats-in-love and the meanspirited review of the Gustave Moreau exhibit at the Met.)



Better Homes and Gardens
Martha Stweart’s Living

And I steal Veterinary Technician from work.

Having worked for a magazine clearinghouse, one of my perks was free or super-low cost subscriptions.

Rolling Stone
Playstation Magazine
Entertainment Weekly
Reader’s Digest
Home Office Computing
Elle Decor
Individual Investor
Ellery Queen

I really ought to start taking them to the nearest high school art teachers when I finish them… Instead they just stack up for months before I finally get overrun and transfer them in the recycle bin.

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

Reader’s Digest
Family Circle
This Old House Magazine
Yahoo! Internet Life – (I subscribed on a whim and got the first issue a few days ago. It’s really good, not what I expected at all!)

SkinDiver, Sport Diver, Dive Training, Aqua,Scuba Diving, Qst, Spectrum, Popular Science, Archeology, Discover, Wood, PC Magazine.
I think that’s all for me. My wife gets a couple of others.

I haven’t missed an issue of Scientific American since 1975. I don’t always understand all the articles but I can’t live without it.

I also subscribe to Harper’s but that was mostly for the double-crostic puzzle in the back which has been discontinued, so I won’t renew. They occasionally have an interesting and/or provocative article.

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– William of Ockham

Right now I’m down to Reader’s Digest, Smithsonian, and a few trade rags. I have been an RD subscriber for 20+ years, it’s good WC reading. Smithsonian is great. I usually go cover to cover the day it arrives.

Natural History
The American Spectator

  • 2 newspapers every day

Mutual Funds ( free subscription due to freq. flyer miles)
American History ( Same reason as above)

I have a confession: When I am at the OB or the Pediatricians office, I swipe the older copies of Parenting, Pregnancy etc…( they have to have duplicates still available and be older than 4 months to balm my soul.)

I would like a subscribtion to:
Reader’s Digest
Book Horn ( I think it’s called, geared for book store owners and teachers describing up and coming books to take a look at, but it’s like $24 a year :frowning: