Peripheral Discworld materials

I’m on a quest to own all the Discworld books in hardcover. I have many, and I’m wondering what materials other than the actual books I should consider to make my collection “complete.” For instance, I have (actually VeryCoolSpouse has) Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook. There are various “art of” and “guide to” books and such–are any considered cannon? Are they fun? Worthwhile?

Pretty much everything is considered canon if Pterry had a hand in it. The “art of” books he had nothing to do with, AFAIK… The various Mappes are interesting (and canon), and add a bit of depth to the Disc. Ditto the stamps.

Don’t forget the Science of Discworld series!

There is also a very cool build your own Unseen University cut out book that I keep meaning to get for myself…

Well, I have this really cool book: make your own Unseen University. It’s a paper cut-out model book, if you have ever done that. I love 'em. But the UU is by far the most difficult cut-out model I’ve ever seen.

For Christmas I got a pin that says “I still ate’nt dead” and a tea towel describing the Mended Drum in fulsome travel-book language (“From the moment you step inside the doors and are laid low by a blow from a bench until the moment your insensible body is stripped of its valuables and thrown out of the back door and onto the river, it is the 100% Genuaine Tavern Experience!”).

And I covet the stamps. Or you could get into embroidery…

Actually, throughout the Paul Kidby sketch and art books, Terry has written a lot of insightful notes about the characters. And it’s fantastic art, besides.

Don’t forget to get all the editions.

If you really want detailed character information, check out the GURPS Discworld roleplaying game book. Pterry clearly was involved at every level, and there are lots of Paul Kidby illustrations. I’ve never actually played the game - I just love the way they put numerical values on all the major characters’ personality traits. :smiley:

Let’s not get crazy. I have 10 kids (OK, only 8 really, but 2 are married and we are in loco parentis for the daughter- and son-in-law).

The stamps? The mappes? Science of Discworld series? Where do I find out about these?

For just a list of things to get is the definitive location.

When I was collecting all of the Discworld stuff in hardcover I did it the easy way: Amazon. The Amazon marketplace has become the defacto clearing house for all the used book dealers in the US (I’m not sure about the UK but I’ve dealt with a couple of UK sellers so it exists). You can go there, type in “science of discworld” and you’ve got the three books pop up immediately.

Good luck with Eric, BTW. I have yet to find a proper hardcover copy for less than $250 (only a very limited first edition exists). There is a leather bound version that can be found for around $100 which lacks the illustrations. I wound up going with a library binding which was essentially the paperback given a hardcover.

The stamps.

The Mappes, “Science of…” books and all the rest are available via Amazon or can be found on the Cunning. Artificer’s site above.

There is a publishing house doing reissues of every novel, with original artwork and everything. They are a bit pricey, but the only way to get the first few novels in hardback anymore.

There have been a few diaries. There was an Assassins guild diary one year, and a Watch diary another year, and I think a Clowns Guild diary. Each one tied to a specific year, and out of print, I believe.

Almanacs, actually. This years model.

The project is going quite well. I now have:

  • All 6 short stories
  • 33 novels in hardcover–waiting on a reasonably priced copy of Guards! Guards! and have a Library binding of Eric (as noted by Just Some Guy)
  • 4 additional items: Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook, The Art of Discworld, The Wyrdest Link, Where’s My Cow?

Found a copy of Eric in Austrailia that was listed as hardback, paid $50 (price + shipping) and when it arrived it was paperback–but 1st edition, large format paperback, so probably worth $50. I’ll be selling it some day soon.

Went over my limit ($10 + shipping) for “Last Hero” because it was a Fine first edition copy in a covered dust jacket.

Other than those 2 slip-ups, I didn’t spend more than $14 on any one book. I’ll be asking for the “Science of” books for my birthday (March 23)–they look to be exciting!

Don’t sell it until you get your hardback version, because I’m not entirely certain there is a hardback version. I got my copy when it first came out, and mine’s paperback.

First one’s great, second one’s OK, third (“Darwin’s Watch”?) was a big disappointment: I felt it was phoned in by all concerned. It doesn’t help that I am a biologist and couldn’t help noting all the oversimplifications and not-quite-right points in the science parts as well.


There’s a large paperback, sort of Graphic Novel sized, with illustrations. I have it as well as the regular paperback

If I may complicate things: I’d encourage you to consider British editions. I’ve noticed that in some of the books some lines are printed in fonts that actually suit the story (for example, in “Feet of Clay” the golems speak in letters reminiscent of Hebrew text), while in the American version this gets flattened out into standard fonts.

You might be thinking of paperback by I’m pretty sure my American hardcover has the different font for the golem’s speech.

Those hard bound copies of The Last Hero are becoming a bit rare. I suspect it was underprinted in the US as one of the last books before Pratchett really started catching on in the US.

Have you had any luck with getting UK covers? I got a bit lucky with a few of mine but it’s a long shot on it…

I’ll be in London in April and hope to spend a few hours haunting the used book stores. Recommendations cheerfully accepted.