Perricone Promise/Prescription: has anyone here tried it?

I finished reading and bookmarking a lot of sections in Perricone’s latest book, and am slowly getting into the spices, supplements, salmon, green tea, yogurt, acai, and kefir-laden eating plan.

Just wondering if anyone has attempted the 28-day program, if it was hard to stick to, and if the results were what you had hoped.

Getting off of coffee and processed wheat will be the hardest part if I go through with it.

I’ve been on it for about 2 1/2 years. Haven’t been hungry, went down to about 7 lbs. below target weight and stayed there. Great cholesterol tests since I’ve been on it.

After a few months someone suggested that I go to Google and enter “hunter-gatherer diet”. I did and it led me to some web sites for a remarkably similar diet. So I’ve loosened up a bit but basically it’s all the same. Lots of fish, almonds, egg whites, olive oil, chicken breasts. No pasta, rice, sugar, bread potatos.

Hey, that sounds pretty good. I like fish, I love almonds, and anything prepared with olive oil is okay with me.

Thanks…I’ll get on it. I would like to drop some bad cholesterol but I refuse to take statins to do it.