person killed by a trash compactor?

As I understand it, trash compactors (big box store type) move incredibly slowly and dont have lids…

I was watching “friday the 13 the series” and this girl kills a guy by tricking him to enter a trash compactor and then turning it on.

So, has anyone ever been crushed to death by a trash compactor? While concious? Are there safety mechanisms, such as human scream detectors that mabey help prevent this kind of thing?

Yep. I guess that’s one way to broaden your mind.

To me, that seemed a bit different as there was that fast moving ram thingie that hit him from behind while he was looking in the box, so he technically wasnt crushed slowly by a slow moving crushy thingie. The question is basically, it just doesnt seem possible that a person would just sit there in a slow moving compactor and not at least try to climb out, and also I think they move so slowly to avoid possible injury.

oops I meant to say “hit him from above” not “hit him from behind”.

[ it just doesnt seem possible that a person would just sit there in a slow moving compactor and not at least try to climb out, and also I think they move so slowly to avoid possible injury.

people get hit by trains on tracks out in the middle of nowhere. anything is possible.

sorry…that still doesnt answer your question.

I’d say they move slowly to take advantage of a mechanical advantage.

Btw…I dont get it…to what are you referring in that statement?

I’d think, Squissssssshhhhhh.

Much more broad area at the expense of going 3-D to 2-D.

broaden in the 2D sense…ahh…now it makes sense. I need coffee.

Most compactors have a door you have to open to throw stuff in. Fire codes often require a door as a fire block so if a fire starts in the compactor it doesn’t spread to the building.

The set ups I’m familar with you open the door throw stuff down a chute. At the bottom of the chute is the compactor pit that the ram moves through. If the door is open a safety device prevents it from turning on. This prevents someone from falling in with it running or debri being crushed under high pressure from breaking off and shooting into someone at the top.

People have been crushed by these devices. person 'A" climbs in without taking any percausions to clear a jamb or do some type of maintenance. Oblivious person ‘B’ comes by sees the door open and closes it. Then they or someone else decides to run it. Should person ‘A’ not be able to get above the ram they get crushed. Sometimes person ‘A’ gets their foot stuck or is too small to get out of the pit without a step.

No safety devices exist inside. It would be difficult to have something reliable inside the machine that wouldn’t get set off or broken by the trash being thrown in or crushed. Something could probly be made for inside but until it’s required no one would invest the money.

People occasionaly jam them up by not running it often enough or throwing trash down that is to big and blocks the enterance to the pit or something sturdy enough that the ram can no shear it off into the container. When this happens you can often clear it by poking with a long pole and not entering. Sometimes thats not the case.

When I worked at a big box store as a manager I got the pleasure to occasionaly jump in. I would never order someone else to do so in place of me. Before going in I would turn the breaker located on the machinery on the outside of the building. Then turn the power off on the inside. Then take the key nessesary to turn it back on and put that in my pocket. I also assigned someone I trusted alot to stand ‘gaurd’ at the top. If there was something further I could do reasoanble I would have. My tools of choice for clearing jambs were a sawsal and a crowbar.

So yes if people are careless they can get killed just like with any other heavy equipment.

Sometimes prisoners who try escaping via trash trucks end up getting crushed to death. Some variation of this story has been a staple of “weird news” websites and columns for years.

Yup, that would be the most likely way, so enter the compartment, and someone closes the safety gates/doors on you and starts it.

Even if it moves slowly, if you were standing in the material, it could start to move under crushing, and it might trap your leg so prevent you easily jumping out.

Consider that if you’re in a position to be crushed, you must be standing on a substrate of garbage which is probably a soft, yielding surface. You can easily get stuck and not be able to get out – it’s almost like quicksand. In fact, now that I think of it, I actually had to physically help a kid out of a recycling bin full of corrugated cardboard earlier this year – he had crawled in to shift stuff around and got mired in up to his waist.