Personal facepalm?

I was just sitting here, with this really delicious bowl of stir-fried noodles and veggies, when I adjusted my chair and, without warning, the entire bowl just toppled onto the carpet…really?..REALLY?

It really makes me want to bonk myself upside the head, even if no one was here to see the mishap.

What sort of things have you done, preferably without witness, that make you curse yourself?

Argh, meant to post in MSPIMS…/double palm

OK, moved it for you. I’d hate to see you facepalm again so soon.


Last night, applying sparkly green eyeshadow from a little pot, spilt entire thing on sofa, cushions, own arm. Looked like the Hulk.

Over the weekend I was fetching logs from the garage, put down the basket and… somehow managed to drop/knock a large heavy log so it landed on my hand, crushing it into the floor. Stupid logs.

Yesterday I went to a nice swimming pool, and realized I forgot to bring my swimming trunks.

I opened up two PC’s, trying to put a graphics card from one into the other, only to realize that the original PC had a supplemental power cord from the PSU preinstalled, where the other PC didn’t have one, and I didn’t have a supplemental power cord that would fit said 2nd computer.

Not a major facepalm moment for you, perhaps, but I was rather distraught and disturbed that I failed to remember such a thing.