Personal Stuff I Must Share: 50 years today!

I think the secrets are to allow one another space, to be patient, to accept growth, to share values, and put one another first when needed. It also is necessary to actually like and love each other as people. Add a big dash of commitment to make things work, and go from there.

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First, you must realize it isn’t all happy. Life gets in the way, extended family intrudes, there’s never enough money. Plus people change. You both have to work together to make sure these changes happen in the same direction; otherwise you’ll end up on different planets.

Common goals and the same (or at least compatible) ideas for the future can guide those changes.

Add a big heaping helping of forgiveness, along with amnesia as to what was forgiven.

Above all, laugh together and have fun!


Great advice. I was married once.

Happy hamming!

My parents are a few weeks short of 59 years - can’t believe how fast time flies, because it seems like we just celebated their 50th.

Hubby and I are just (what year is it again?) at 32 years.


One particular landmark I have been looking forward to is this:

A few months after we were married, we bought a set of pots and pans. Of course we had hand-me-down, cheapie cookware. Then we were shown this beautiful set of stainless steel, carbon core pots and pans that boasted they were waterless. AND a big name brand: ECKO.

They were very expensive, but buying them with payments would be the beginning of us establishing credit. Although it would not take as long to pay off, the cookware was guaranteed for fifty years. Yes, we had faith that we were in this marriage for the long haul.

Well, well, well… a few months from now, the guarantee will at last expire. I don’t know if that means the pots and pans in my cabinets will explode, or if they will disintegrate when I try to use them. I’ve been joking for years that when we hit fifty, I’ll retire from cooking.

Yeah, right. Now that Mr VOW and I are both on sodium-restricted diets, I’ll be chained to the stove forever.

You know, I’ve seen some commercials for snazzy looking cookware on TV. You can even burn cheese and candy in them and then wipe everything clean with a blindingly-white towel. Gee, I’ve got some recipes for cremated cheese and candy casseroles I’ve been dying to try! The funny thing is that my high-falutin’, 50 year, big name brand, waterless cookware cost the same amount of money as the hotsy-totsy, cheese-burning cookware on TV: $400.

I bet the TV pots and pans won’t last fifty years.

My grandkids will be cooking for my great-grandkids years from now, using my ECKO cookware.


A little late in signing in, but Happy Anniversary!

I aim to make it to 50!

We just watched a 12 year old special interview on TCM with Eva Marie Saint (she turned 100 on July 4th, so this month is dedicated to her on TCM). She and her hubby were married for 65 years until he died when he was 90.

Hope you break their record!

We still have and regularly use some Corningware we get as a wedding present. Most of the rest of our cookware was bought in Switzerland in 1975 and it is what we use regularly.

I just checked. $400 in 1974 would be $2655.81 today.