Personally, Are you Offended by Chick Tracts?

I’m not offended by much, but anti-Catholic Chick Tracts are pretty offensive. Witness Why Is Mary Crying? I am Catholic, I do not worship the Virgin Mary. Nor the Pope, for that matter. Are Roman Catholics Christian? is also highly offensive. Yes, I am a Christian. I accept Jesus. How does that not make me a Christian? Finally, The Death Cookie, referring to the Communion Wafer. This may turn into a Pit or GD thread, I don’t know, but I’ll start it here in IMHO because it’s opinion. My question is, are you offended by any Chick Tracts?

I’ve given up the idea of being threatened, insulted or otherwise bothered by people so obviously batshit insane and mentally incompetent.

Jack Chick has no value to society except as a target of amused mockery.

Although if Chick lived in the Simpsonverse, Nelson himself would eventually tire of following him around, pointing and saying “ha HA!”

I had never even heard of them until I saw them mentioned here. Eventually I thought, “Okay, I gotta know what these are since they come up so often.” So now I know.

Not offended. That would be going out of my way to get offended. No one I know IRL has ever heard of them. They aren’t making much of an impact on the people in my sphere of influence.

Your master the Pope told you to start this thread didn’t he?

No, not really. When I need a dose of lunacy, he’s a lot quicker read than Lyndon Larouche.

It doesn’t offend me on a regular basis, mostly because it’s so ridiculous that it’s like some kind of bizarre and enthusiastic parody of itself.

The one on Buddhism did piss me off, though. I think I wrote them a letter of complaint (back in the idealist days of my youth, snerk) I did not receive a reply.

I can see how people of other faiths would find them very offensive as well.

But the most recent one, on dinosaurs, made me LOL. I want to enlarge a big panel of dinosaurs coming off Noah’s ark and have it framed. Because, come on. Dinosaurs. On Noah’s ark.

I’m not offended by them. I find the anti-Catholic ones especially hilarious, and I am also Catholic. I confess that I find myself disappointed when a bit of time goes by and he hasn’t frothed at the Catholics lately.

I do try to be mindful of the fact that it’s probably easier for me to snort over them than it might be for someone who is, for example, Muslim, because in the modern day here in the good ol’ US of A, I’m not in much danger of being persecuted or discriminated against. My own personal Throne of Mockery is pretty comfortable, and that’s not the case for some of the other groups he targets with his lunacy.


It’s funny because it seems over the last decade or so the creationists have shifted en masse from believing the dinosaurs all died during the flood to believing that Noah’s ark was full of dinosaurs and all the dinosaurs went extinct after the flood. I suppose that “*every * animal” passage doesn’t leave any possibility that some animals didn’t make it on the ark.

I am very offended by them. The thing is that, in general, I agree with his overall beliefs. I’m an evangelical fundamentalist. But the way he goes about it, and the extremes of his beliefs are just so destructive to the beliefs themselves.

My husband and I have an acquaintance (we both refuse to call him a friend) who is just like Jack Chick in real life. He taught our Sunday School class for awhile, and the pastor got quite a lot of complaints on him. He eventually found himself a stricter church (and we are really conservative!). Anyway, the thing was, that even when he was preaching/teaching something I agreed with 100%, the way he said it made me want to go out and do just the exact opposite. How on earth will that attitude ever reach people?

If our core belief is that God loved the world so much that He sent His Son to save them, how on earth is hatred and intolerance the outward showing of it? And even when someone is wrong about something, mockery is not the way to point it out of you want it to change. I mean, if I tell my students “You stupid idiot. 2x3 is 6. Why can’t you get it, you dummy.” or whatever, they obviously never will. Jack Chick is the religious equivalent.

That’s the thing, they’re offensive and funny at the same time.

Offended? No. Rampant stupidity just annoys the hell out of me. I’ve managed to get about a third of the way through individual tracts before I had to go do something else.

Seriously? “The Death Cookie”?

Recently, I came upon some Fundamentalist’s seminar where they explained that "well, of course they hadn’t grown animals on Noah’s Ark. "

Still, it must have been a hell of a job to have to collect baby animals (or eggs) from every species. Just imagine the time the dude/dudette in charge of insects must have spent collecting every kind of egg available!

You need to understand, he’s in the minority. There are plenty of Christians on this board, and they all see Jack Chick and Fred Phelps for the fringe loons that they are.

How can you not laugh at someone who takes themselves so seriously?

Not offended. I’d have to take him seriously to be offended, and he’s just too crazy to take seriously.

Yes, that’s what it’s called.

Don’t forget the “Moon Goddess,” aka Islam.


I think it is a lot of talent wasted. He could have been the next Gary Larson of the Farside fame if he just modified his subject matter just a tiny bit. He cracks me up anyway. I have never seen a physical Chick tract but I would look at finding one just like I would finding an Easter Egg (not that I am a Satanist pagan).

I’m like this. It pisses me off b/c it is so fucking stupid (dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark?), and (as we all know) stupidity is contagious, but I’m not offended.