Personlized Refrigerator Magnets?

Darn, I’m not sure what’s allowed here, and I’m not trying to shill for any vendor. Moderators, please delete this if it’s crossing the line…

Intro: Every summer I stay for a week with a few friends, and like to bring them a personalized gift to thank them for their hospitality. Past gifts have included mugs with our photos printed on them, customized calendars, custom printed T-shirts, custom printed hats, that sort of thing. Last year I hit the jackpot; I found a website that had aerial photos of their property and I had them printed and framed for their home.

So, I’m heading back the end of July and I’m running out of ideas. I thought about having a refrigerator magnet printed with a personal photo on it. Trouble is, the places that I found that do this sell them at a reasonable price, but you have to buy about 500 minimum.

Anyone know of a place that does this? And any other good ideas that I can take credit for so I get invited back next year? :slight_smile:


Buy a pack of [url=]this magnet paper[/url.] Print whatever you want your refrigerator magnets to be on it, then cut them out. Voila!

You’re a very good guest, by the way.

Buy a pack of this magnet paper. And remember that preview is your friend. :smack:

Guest? Hmmmph! I’ll have you know I’m a Charter Member!

Oh, you meant houseguest… :o :slight_smile:

It’s really not me; it’s that they are great hosts. Actually, I stay in a separate little cottage (for their privacy and for mine) but we have dinner together every night. The houses are at a corner of a rectangle of land on the coast of Prince Edward Island. “My” cottage is about 30 feet from the Atlantic, with Nova Scotia just visible across the strait. They own about 40 acres of farmland, and about a mile of shorefront. Talk about decompression; I spend one week there every summer, and 51 weeks of nonsense just dries up and blows away.

Almost every part of the Island is a photo opportunity, so most of my gifts have included photos of places that are important to us.

For anyone interested :slight_smile:

Yep. Look how I spelled “personalized” in the thread name :o

thanks for the suggestion,


Have you seen Cafepress on the web? They make great personalized merchandise…

The clocks look like they’d be fun. I’ve given tote bags too (forgot to mention), but everyone needs another tote bag, right? Otherwise how would NPR get pledges? :slight_smile:

Thanks for a great suggestion!