What's on your refrigerator?

What are the things that you have slapped on your refrigerator? I have:

. two birthday cards since 5 Jan [one of the twins likes these two funny cards, but I think it’s time for them to go] whoosh!

. music for Handel’s Largo from Xerxes for Trombone and piano; oldest son was thinking about this piece for his solo
festival performance. Chucked for Where’er You Go. time to go whoosh!

. Polar bear picture postcard taken by my uncle up in Alaska
that’s a keeper

. Photos of kids, dogs plus hand drawn picture of cow. kids and dogs stay; cow goes with a whoosh!

. Amazon.com magnets “room without books is a room w/out soul” etc. Important message to the kids; stays.

. Planetary Society membership sticker [I have no idea who put that one up] but kinda cool. stays

. Math bonus points [given for good performance] you save twenty of these and get four free movie tickets. stays.

. Heartworm preventive reminder. stays or I’ll forget

. Upcoming Field trip description. stays but only as a temp.

. Brink’s alarm system “how to” guide because I never remember the keypad stuff…when was the last time I looked?

Two bottles of motrin

zippo fluid

two extra zippo lighters

bottle of carpenters glue

bottle of vitamins

four empty booze mini bottles

loaf of wheat bread, two of sourdough, one pack of hamburger buns, package of english muffins

250 ml graduated cylinder (for beer making)

Ruger GP100 .357 magnum

A tin of Mink Oil

four insulated beer can holders

package of light bulbs

Sorry, thought the OP was what is on TOP of the fridge… duh… on the front are a lot of pics of the kids, four kindergarten drawings, work schedule, lots of alphabet magnets, and a diet menu (for show, not for practical use).

Let’s see… not my fridge, but my parents…

Pics of my nieces and nephews

Lots of cute little magnets that say cute little things

Menu for Slice of New York

Dad’s prescriptions



Our fridge is pretty cluttered.

Oh, and TM… I read your first post and thought "Wow, she must have SOME refridgerator if she can put all that on her fridge door!

<hopefully>Wouldn’t happen to have some sushi in that fridge, would you???</hopefully>

Little “tin sign” magnets of old aviation companies.

A gargoyle magnet.

My REI member dividend (woohoo! New hiking boots! FREE!). I always lose them before I use them (fortunately you don’t need the paper to get the dividend) so this time I’m keeping it where I can see it!

.357 Magnum??? Obviously, you will move this because of inquiring kids… please!

Fear not kiffa, soon as TD finishes the work he’s doing on it and it’s operable, it will be in it’s safe like the rest of them:)

Geek code magnets

O’Reilly book insert with the ones we own highlighted

Two Indigo book store coupons

Various pizza place magnets

A cartoon of a guy skydiving with a cellphone

A South Park magnet of Cartman.

A mini inpiration poster thing. (If it is to be it is up to me.)

I’m a minimalist–the only thing on my fridge door is a Darwin Fish magnet.

Number for the pizza place that delivers til 3 am.

Why yes, I am a college student!

[li]A cool postcard with a picture of a kid face down in a cat’s milk bowl.[/li][li]A South Park card.[/li][li]This picture of my nephew.[/li][li]A summons from the blood bank to donate blood.[/li][li]A cool magnet with a Mae West quote “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful” (or something like that, it’s in Swedish)[/li]My favorite Magnetic Poetry[sup]TM[/sup] poem.

A few of my favorite The Far Side cartoons hung up with “businesss card” magnets from the vet, plumber, etc.

Yeah, yeah, I’m creatively challenged.


• 3 sets of the little colorful alphabet magnets. On any given day, they mysteriously arrange themselves to form profane, often vulgar, words.
• Coupons from Domino’s and Pizza Hut.
• A speeding ticket that is due February 28.
• Various photos of friends and family.
• A Farside calendar, whichever never seems to be updated. I think it’s somewhere in the beginning of January right now.

[li]Some magnets with the pics of Monet (I think?)'s works. Two actually, got them for my mom on her bday when i was a little Zoggie.[/li]
Picture of a strange baby. I don’t know who it is. I don’t know how it got there. I just came downstairs today and saw it. Eerie, isn’t it?

…a note to always be very polite if I ever find myself in TM’s kitchen…

Two sets of magnetic poetry, one standard, one kinky.

A column from The Onion

Three cartoons

A take out pizza magnet

A magnet from Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind

Magnetic poetry takes up too much room for a lot more. I’m usually crazy with pics and such.

And, as an aside, once you type “magnet” a half-dozen times, it looks funny.

Magnetic poetry words, which currently read:



also several dozen fruit stickers.

I have the best Marvin the Martian 3D magnet sticking out from my fridge door right now.

There’s also a Flat Cat

And assorted leftover magnets from my previous flatmate that I don’t really look at, but I think one has a picture of a sperm on it and is for an Animal Husbandry Clinic.

My son’s two certificates for being student of the day, various art work of his that no doubt one day will become very famous and sought out ;), positive thoughts card, school calendar and some pics of friend’s kids and magnets.

At the moment nothing (I am moving), but it will have about 19 fridge magnets on it (I have lost count), and a picture of my niece and nephew, and a hand made valentines card from my nephew.