Pet communication device...WTF?!?

As seen in the National Enquirer, 3/4/03…

I tried to provide a link to, but the search for Bowlingual returns “too many results”. So I Googled it, and found
Jeez Oh Pete! This ranks right up there with the pet psychic!

Wonder what it tells you your dog is saying while he’s humping your leg? :eek:

>>Wonder what it tells you your dog is saying while he’s humping your leg?<<

“Oh yeah. Who’s your doggie? Who’s your doggie?”

The link doesn’t work.

“Rough? I don’t know, you’ve been pitching that all night.”

**Hihorse: **(speaking into a machine) Hi, Horse!
**<Machine>: **(translating) Neigh!
**A Horse: **(in reply) Neigh!
**<Machine>: **(translating) Hi, human!


I wrote about this elsewhere online earlier this month.
I don’t need to spend $120 on a dog collar. I know exactly what my dog is thinking 90% of the time. It’s usually something along the lines of, “Ball! Ball! Ball! Is she getting the ball? Is she gonna throw it? Throw the ball! Throw the ball! Oh boy! She threw it! I’m gonna get it! I’m getting the ball! I’m getting the…oh, look, a squirrel!”

There’s a FarSide where Doctor Someone or other invents a Dog translator, goes around the neighborhood to finally decode what all the dogs are saying… 15 dogs in the panel are saying, “Hey!”

[Obligatory Simpsons Reference]

This leash demeans us both!

[/Obligatory Simpsons Reference]