Pet owners: share your poopervisor (or pee-pervisor) stories!

It’s the…
:notes: Eye of the tiger, it’s the poo-per-vi-ser
It’s the thrill of the fight … :musical_note:

I can’t be the only one with a designated pooperviser.

Current poo-per-vi-ser likes to stare at my toilet brush and plunger while I go. For a long time, I thought, “Something lives back there?” No creature has emerged, and my cat takes off like a rocket as soon as I flush.

My pee-pervisor liked to hang out in my late husband’s boxers while he was going. As in, they became a convenient hammock. (Or so I was told.)
For me, she just bops my knee, which she will NOT do when I’m sitting anywhere else.

I have the reverse i have a cat that won’t use the box unless someone’s watching …

The cat as “bathroom buddy” is a documented internet phenomenon.

One of my cats believes that the only reason I ever sit on the toilet seat is so he can jump on my lap and be petted. I can sit anywhere else in the house and he doesn’t pay particular attention. But the bathroom? That’s cuddle time!

I thought we were the poopervisors. My husband and I used to have serious daily conversations about our dog’s poo consistency, timing, color, etc.

I just gripe at the cat when she doesn’t bury a stinky one promptly. :slight_smile:

Allie, AKA the Princess, insists that if I am in the bathroom for ANY reason I must have feline supervision. She seems to trust my husband to take care of himself, but I have to have furry help.

Her predecessor, Felix, would hop up on the edge of the tub for a drink, but didn’t care so much about my other bathroom activities. In fact, he’d be visibly irritated if someone entered the bathroom while he was using his litterbox. For a very sweet cat, he did an excellent “do you MIND???” face.

Whenever my husband is sitting on the toilet, our cat will come in and “hide” between the shower curtain and the tub. She never does that when I’m there, just comes in and says hi.

Grady (dog) comes to visit me when I do my daily constitutional. He insists on being petted and I have to tell him I love him and that he’s a good boy. Thankfully he takes off when I stand up to wipe.

Since I live alone I leave the door open. If my boyfriend is here I have to close the door so I have to invite Grady in so I can close the door behind us, otherwise he (the dog) will scratch on the door to get in. He doesn’t like to be in there while I’m wiping I guess because he then scratches to get out.

I take the Crew out to the desert pretty much every day. Teddy has a weird thing where he has to back up to a bush or rock an lift his ass up to shit on it . Strangest thing I’ve ever seen, pretty near.

We have lots of different spots we stop, and every now and then I spot a rock with a dried out turd on top, and think, Yep, that’s Ted’s work!

If I don’t shut the door all the way, I have a Great Dane and a German shepherd standing between my knees and the bathtub. When I’m done, and all three of us are repositioning ourselves to go out the door it looks like a comedy act. The Dane takes a wide turn, the shepherd is walking backwards, and I’m trying to push my way through. Sometimes, if I’m really lucky, the two dogs will start play fighting when we’re all in the bathroom.

If you need to keep control of the dog while using the bathroom, it’s essential that there’s enough play in the doorframe so you can wedge part of the leash in the closed door, keeping the beast on the outside.

As to those of you who allow your pet to view your eliminatory activities, I am appalled.

I’ve shared this before. Once when my cat was just a kitty, he jumped into my shorts as I sat on my throne. While there, kitty decided to have a pee of his own.

I did not notice this until I pulled my shorts up and felt something wet on my bum.

Luc, our previous dachshund, once pooped on the trunk of a tree. And the bark was very rough, and I couldn’t get it all out. Annoying. But he also liked to poop on walls. We got him (and Shanni) as rescues. They told us they were crate-trained, so I thought maybe they were left in their crate(s) for long periods, and rather than poop on the floor of the crate, he’d poop on the sides so he didn’t have to sit in poop. But that was only a guess.

Fleury was rescued as a stray, and she’d always sit in the bathroom with me. She’d attached herself to me as her “person,” and she didn’t like to have me out of her sight. She’d also sit near me when I washed my face and brushed my teeth. This area was right near the door that was next to the stair landing. My sister would sometimes come up the stairs when Fleury was sitting there and play peek-a-boo by ducking her head below the floor as she (my sister) was on the stairs. Fleury freaking loved that.

When I go to the bathroom upon arising early in the morning, my oldest cat likes to follow me in and nip my haunch while it is exposed. I am not overly fond of this.

Turnabout is fair play. We watch theirs.

There’s a line in one of the Austin Powers movies, “We do not gnaw on our kitty.”

I like to remind mine of the reverse. “We do not gnaw on our human.”

If I shut the bathroom doors(2) to keep them out, I’m treated to both mournful yowling, and beseeching little paws stuck under the door trying to reach me. Sometimes it’s easier to just let them in.


– My cats all think this is an excellent chance to get patted.

Cin will always come and lie down with a big sigh outside the door. Well at home anyway, at work he doesn’t give a (heh) shit.

I have 3 poopervisors that will run from every area of the house, day or night, just to make sure everything comes out alright. They sit bolt upright and watch me. Little weirdos.

No matter WHAT I’m doing in the bathroom, Allie insists she must supervise. This includes laundry (our washer/dryer setup is in the larger bathroom in our apartment), brushing teeth, cleaning glasses, or even reorganizing the cabinet under the sink. I would not expect any of these to be of much interest to a reasonable cat. :slight_smile:

I do get her concern when I’m scooping the royal litterbox. :slight_smile: