Pet pictures!

Eta: Yay!

These aren’t my pets… but they could be.

The doggies love having us at home all day.

Kitties, not so much.

The newest member of the household, was trapped in our crawlspace one day. Probably 7 months old, likely dumped, as several others were found in the neighborhood about the same time. I hate cats, I don’t know why they like me.


Dogginit, that picture’s not available unless one logs in to Google.

I am suspicious however of claims to hate cats made by people who not only have cats as members of their household but go so far as to post pictures of them to message boards.

thorny – does not have or want a google account – locust

Me neither but I’d love to see pictures of your kitten.

I am logged into my Google account and got a 404 error, darn it.

Pictured: a 35 pound baby.

Out of frame: the roomba.


My 3yo grand daughter gets the same look on her face when the Roomba at her house starts up, even if she is on another level, up or down a flight of stairs.

Looks like I have shoulder length hare again.


Hard to say which one of you is cuter. :skritches to whoever wants them:

Those eyes – those beautiful eyes! :slight_smile:

There’s something about that picture that is strongly evocative of Luna’s wolf ancestry. I think it’s the long fluffy wolf-like tail, the ears, and the long snout. She’d be perfect in the role of the Wolf in a stage performance of Little Red Riding Hood:

“What big eyes you have, Grandma!”

“All the better to see you with, my dear”

“And what big TEETH you have, Grandma!”

Of course, Luna doesn’t look the least bit threatening, but really, neither was the Wolf in the old fairy tale. True, he ate Grandma, but when the Woodsman held him upside down, he spit her out again, good as new.

It’s nice to come here and see everyone’s beautiful, beautiful pets in the middle of all the clusterfucks going on in the world. One of the only things that makes me feel a bit better!

Luna was thanking me for her bite of my sausage croissant this morning, and may I please have more?


Skritches for Luna. She brought joy and a smile to my morning.

Luna is in bath jail. Fortunately, it is sunlit and warm, so her sentence should be short.


A federal crime I take it, for which she will soon be pardoned?

Thereby the deluxe doggie Club Fed.