Pet Semetary remake (spoilers)

SO…according to the trailer (which shows everything)…what Pet Semetary REALLY needs is MORE scary kids. More jump scares. Replacing the ancient Native trappings with pseudo-cult-wickermanesque shenanigans.

Go to hell Pet Semetary remake. Maybe they’ll get it right the third time around.


It is even worse than you think–now it is Ellie, not Gage, that gets killed.

so its a trash remake of a trash film of a book king himself has some regrets over ……

As ive said since the first movie came out …the only good thing about it is it gave the ramones a popular (if not a hit) song when they needed one

I hated that idea until I read the article. I…guess it could work. Maybe she comes back like Timmy Baterman.

Does King have regrets?? It’s one of his best works. I guess you could say it wallows too much in one of the most horrifying subjects possible (the death of a child)…but that’s what makes it unbearable to read for more than one page an hour in that section of the book.

hes said in an interview that he had no idea that a death of a child (and pets) would trigger feelings in people I guess hes received some rather emotional feedback over the years about it …… and he would of been a little more sensitive about it

Got Fred Gwynne a nice paycheck. I’ve always approved of good things happening to Fred Gwynne.

Sensitive?? Jesus Christ King. That’s what makes it so fucking horrifying. A truck hit a toddler because his parents lapsed in watching him.* Gage’s dad may as well be dead. His mom may as well be dead. The dad and grandfather had a fist-fight at the funeral and the coffin was knocked over almost spilling the kid out.

Gage’s dad digs Gage up. Drags him to the Indian burial ground. Mangling his body mind and soul. The exchanges between Gage and Jud after are monstrous…then Louis does it all over again with his wife. And we have a classic King ending that I’m surprised the first movie kept.

*Shit, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kings work saved some kids lives cause it made people watch their kids more closely.

The movie might be decent, but geez, that is a terrible trailer. It does indeed show everything.

One of the goofiest things about the original was that this cute little kid was supposed to be scary. “Now I’m gonna play with yeeeeeoooo.” It might have worked in the imagination while reading the book, but it didn’t when acted out. I approve of the change.

I liked the trailer more than I expected I would.

NITPICK: The title should read Sematary (2 a’s)

I saw it the other night, and it was pretty good for what it was - a popcorn horror movie made for a fairly wide audience. Maybe it’s a bit more radical than most, as it crosses a taboo line which mainstream horror movies hardly ever go near.

I read a summary on a spoiler site, and I’d prefer to stick with the original, but I can see this one being decent. I liked the gut-punch ending.