Meet the star of the new Pet Sematary

It is, of course, the actor at the top of the page, not any of the photos “below the fold.”

Breakout star!

Erm… They already made this movie once and failed miserably.

I like the kitty though.

It actually did pretty well, financially speaking, both in theaters and the home rental market. I remember seeing it when it came out and being disappointed, though. Ayuh.

It was okay, though there was one scene I couldn’t watch after I became a parent. I probably haven’t read the entire book since that time either!
I like Lithgow fine but I don’t think he’ll be improving on Fred Gwynne’s performance.

Here kitty kitty kitty.

Yeah, Gwynne really nailed the Old Rural New Englander.

What could go wrong reanimating a dead film?

Stephen King kinda disowned the book as being too dark and hopeless.

As earlier posters mentioned, the original film wasn’t that good and the less said about the sequel, the better. At this point, I’d prefer they use the central premise of the book and movies to make a black comedy.

ive seen both and the Ramones songs were the best thing about them……… althought I don’t think poisoned heart was original for the sequel ………

I have only read a smattering of King; I never felt the drive to consume all his stuff. But I did read Pet Sematary. I remember how much I was affected by the very last word of the novel, that left so much up in the air. Then the movie had to remove that uncertainty.

The word was “Darling.” Everything had gone terribly, but the protagonist had survived, though his sanity wasn’t fully in hand. He’d had to kill the evil thing that had inhabited his toddler’s corpse and killed his wife and the neighbor. Not thinking clearly, he decided if he buried his wife while she was still newly dead, she might come back ‘right.’ He’s sitting in their house and hears the door open. He smells the grave dirt as she walks up behind him. She puts her hand on his shoulder and says, simply, “Darling.”
Book ends there. That hit pretty hard.
The movie showed her holding a knife, about to kill him. Not at all the same.

I agree 100%, Saltire. That would be one reason to see the remake, to see what they do about the ending.

Five seconds later, the movie fades out and you hear a Swish followed by a meaty Chunk. Typical '80s slasher film ending. Not at all the same, indeed.

Yet he appeared in the movie as the minister at the funeral.

It certainly didn’t fail at scaring the ever living shit out of me. Fucking Zelda. shudder

Sometimes, dead is better.

Let the cat-kicking festivities begin. . .

The movie was meh IMO, but the book was some of the most horrifying writing he’s ever done – and the best writing as well.

Maybe he had a point that it was dark and hopeless, but it was a corker!

Ayup. :slight_smile:

The cat looks really pissed off. :eek: